Sending a Message

I don't know about you, but I'm just sad tonight.

I love my Raiders. I've actually thought about no longer supporting them. Heartbreaking.

So many good memories as a kid with Moms and Pops at the games in the Coliseum.

When Rod Martin won an NFL award and spoke before the crowd...and promised a Super Bowl in '83...I was there.

The Monday Night shoot out with Dan Foutes and the Chargers...down 17 at the half...we came back and won...I was there.

When Bo Jackson broke into the opening...I promise you, you've never heard or FELT anything like it. I remember him breaking through the line in a heartbeat...finding the second could feel the crowd ready to explode, it's like a scene from could hear the thunder gods, pure electricity...I still get goose bumps. Never seen a back get through the hole with more purpose or authority than Bo...I remember him cancelling a sure TD run and targeting Dennis Harden, who was lolligaging over to the play because he wanted no part of Bo...

I remember Bo hitting him so hard that you could hear the crack of Harden's helmet over the roar of the crowd. I remember Bo ending Harden's season with a broken jaw. I remember no one caring that Bo passed on a TD to send a message...I was there.

Marcus soaring over the pile like a bird. Branch, Dokie Williams, Tim Brown...I used to love the first play of the game. Almost never failed...PA throw over the top as far as Plunkett could let it rip. Didn't matter if it was caught or not...the message was sent...I was there.

I watched Matt Millen punch the owner of the Patriots after a loss in the '85 Playoffs because he was gloating...the game mattered to Millen beyond the money...message sent...I was there.

I loved the merciless pass rush of Long, Townsend, Alzado, Pickel, Jones. Loved the smart play of Vann MacElroy and the hammering nature of Hawkins and Smith. I remember Shell giving up a sack and the DE gloating about it and Art waving his finger in his face...the next 3 plays were pancakes...after the 4th play the DE never played again that day...Plunkett wasn't touched again...message sent.

When I played HS ball I was 37 because of Lester Hayes.

The thing I loved about the Raiders was we didn't care about penalties. No one gave a damn about how we were thought of. We cared about winning. We cared about inflicting our will upon the opponent. The game was as mental as it was physical and there simply was not a tougher team than ours. Win or lose...we were respected.

We were respected because we weren't afraid to send messages. Coaches weren't afraid to take chances...hell I remembered Flores calling an on-sides against the Chiefs in KC on the opening fucking kick off...and we recovered it...and scored a touchdown.

In the seat, the fans all called it first blood. We always seemed to score first and as soon as we did there was a pride in that we were taking whatever we wanted...we were drawing first blood.

The things I liked about Gruden, and Hue for that matter, is they had the Raider mentality...take what we want...draw first blood...send a message when a message needs to be sent.

Last year I expected us to lose...terrible feeling for a fan.

This year I expected us to lose...terrible feeling for a fan.

Next year I expect us to lose. It's impossible to take.

I want to take my son to Raider games, but I can't...not because I wouldn't travel up to Oakland a couple of times a year...but because I don't want him to think that losing is something to be supported, accepted, embraced.

I can deal with losing, but I can't deal with how we are losing.

443 points, 453 points allowed, no passion, no fight, no one seems pissed off...everyone seems just so accepting that we don't have the players, we don't have the right coaches, GM, owner...just really sad.

The NFL network laughs at us. We're afterthoughts to afterthoughts for the networks...does anyone realize that our game was changed at half-time after Peyton was taken out? I don't know that I've ever seen that happen in NFL history...a game switched at half-time?

There is no fight in this team. Spare me the we haven't quit BS...we never show up.

I am a firm believer that teams take on the personality of their HC. Where's the fight DA? Where's any indication that you're tired of this shit? It's embarrassing to me for a 8-24 HC to say with a straight face that he 'deserves' a 3rd season. Based on what? How you threw your players under the bus?

I know times have changed and we'll never see teams like the ones we had from '76 to '91, but fuck...can you lose your cool at least once to send a message to your team that losing isn't acceptable?

I remember in the pre-season how DA and RM both felt this group of players was much better than they were being given credit for...I remember seeing their smug faces, like they knew more than everyone else.

And then we play the most unimaginative, uninspired football I have ever seen...

We are as much a joke today as when we rehired Art and he brought in the B&B OC...maybe even worse because the people MD hired were supposed to know football.

RM was supposed to know players...what player have we hit on? I watched Star Loutulei all day today...fuck that guy looks like a beast...he looks like a Raider. Watched Chance Womack...beast...and a workaholic beast at that. No way DJ ever exceeds either of these 2 players and they were at positions of GREAT need.

DA was supposed to be brought in to fix the was worse in 2012 than 2011 (our worst historical year on record at the time)...and even with better players (didn't say great) was worse in 2013 than in 2012...that doesn't look like any Raider D to be deserving of a 3rd year to me. It's really just embarrassing.

Mark...I hope you watch some of the old games. I hope you're embarrassed that you brought the '83 Superbowl Champs to watch this crap today. I hope you remember what being a Raider has always been about...

Take What's Ours...Draw First Blood...Send A Message...and most importantly...

For the faults that tainted his Hall of Fame Career in the last 9 years, Al Davis still had a vision...this is not it.

Just Win Baby!

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