2014 Draft Primer - Oakland Raiders!

Wow - cannot believe I am talking about this stuff already - but, at 4-8 with little hope really of winning more than 6 this year, I have now been using my time off to study draft eligible players likely to make a difference if the draft were today.

As always, I invite your thought and opinions - everyone has one!

Round #1 - WR :Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans. ( I believe the Raiders brass will go offense to shore up what is an underwhelming unit of WR's. Watkins and Evans both are rated similarly and both have the potential #1 which separate them from the other potential first round wide outs. Of the two, I prefer Watkins burst and separation over Evans giant reach.

Round #2 - TE: Austin Sefari-Jenkins. (Once again the Raiders go offense as the talent and production of a 1st round talent like ASJ cannot go unnoticed and is a position which we lack top tier talent.

Round #3 - OG: Gabriel Jackson. The Mississippi State mauler reminds me a lot of the the higher ranked Cyril Richardson - lacking maybe in the athleticism. In a PBS offense - he is a good choice at this spot.

Round #4 - DE Josh Mauro. The Stanford product would be the same in a 4-3 or 3-4. A stout 280 pounder brings a 6-6 frame with relentless force. He is not as athletic as Bjorn Woerner, but his motor reminds me of the former top 45 pick of 2013. Murphy and Skov - get all the glory from Stanford's amazing front 7, but I like this guy just as much. (Speaking of Skov - he is my second pick in round three).

Round #5 - Seattle - courtesy of Matt Flynn fiasco. (No comment).

Round #6 - OT/G: Jeremiah Sirles. My homer pick. Though often considered a 4-5th rounder, injuries have derailed this talent mauler. Ameer Abdullah's production the past two seasons can be greatly attributed to running behind this giant. A sliding QB, like Fales from SJS might be an option here as well).

Round #7 - BPA (In round 7 just so hard to pick. We need to keep getting athletes like Bryce Butler, who with seasoning have the abilities to play at the NFL level)

Round #7 (From Arizona for Palmer) BPA

Obviously, in my draft primer, I chose areas of need which I believed the BPA was also the player at the spot. I feel like the two biggest areas of need are OG and DE. This year, I feel like we can go after a DE in FA and unless Clowney we able to drop in our lap is our most likely move. I also want to mention I love the idea of Bishop Sankey or Jeremy Hill as RB in a Raider uniform. However, I believe we will hang on to Jennings and Murray and go from there at RB. I like our tackles - Save Barnes, but would like to see him move to guard these next games and see what he brings from this spot. I based my picks off what I have witness first hand, not necessarily from scouting reports.

What would you do if the draft were today? (Yes, I no it is not - so please hold the name calling)

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