If I were Reggie McKenzie here is what I would do with the Oakland Raiders:

Now that I have posted on the "no denial" project that will be the 2013 Raiders (no use including 2014 - as we will not play in January) - I have decided to play this fun game tooling the Raiders given our cap space issues and impending team needs.

The first thing to look at is the OL and DL of the team. Can we compete a high enough level given our current plans for schema?

Looking at the OL - I have to first look at the PBS and see that CC and Briesel need to be gone. Not only does this create cap space, we simply do not need to ZBS guards clogging the way for the development of the PBS gurds Lance Nix and Tony Bergstrom/Alex Parsons.

Need two FA PBS Guards or a G/C player in the draft like Barrett Jones. Problem, no 2nd round pick (thanks again Hugh!) This or we may have to move Wiz back to guard and just live with Parsons at C.

Then looking at the DL: Seymour cut (thank God) and Kelly likely to follow - Bryant our most consistent performer a FA, only leaves Bilukiddi and Houston. Houston is a stud. I build around him. First course of action - re-sign Bryant.

Next, I look at our RB/FB position and in light of the return to a PBS I ask is the combination of Reece, DMC and Jones going to cut it in 2013? I consider trading DMAC for a pick and featuring Reece, but cannot get a high enough pick for DMAC, so I stand pat here.

Our wide outs have immense talent, but no #1 guy stands out against the rest. This being said, we have little money to play with in FA, so I will look to the draft to find a gem in the middle rounds.

Our TE situation is unique. we have a good receiving TE in Ausberry, a blocker in Gordon and have Meyers who led us catches in 2012 a FA. Again, I would consider re-signing Meyers, but his offensive production does not make up for his poor blocking in the run game. I look for a mid-level FA or the draft here.

DE is a position of real team need - We have really good QB's in our league and in the the AFC - so we must look to get a high motor guy in the draft. Personally, I put my #3 pick here in a draft where so many good DL can make a difference in the middle.

LB is a mess. We have Burris returning as Wheeler is a FA. I would re-sign Wheeler, try to improve on the oft injured Goethel and retain my starting corp of Wheels, Burris and Gaither for one more year. Again, I would address this also with one of my lower round picks.

S - again, what a mess. I am going to move here for Huff as FS and Branch at SS, With Mitchell and Giordano as back-ups = set (not good, but a complete group for now).

CB - worst situation on the team. Moss, CC, and Hanson all show flash and promise, but are really back-ups of nickel/dime backs. This is where I concentrate my FA money and maybe one draft pick hopeful.

ST - we must cut ties with Lechler and in my opinion, Jano as well. As much as I respect these guys, kickers and punters are a dime a dozen and we could come up with a gob more space or possibly a pick in the case of Jano.

So you see - nation. Currently, we have a problem. We have holes and a talent problem just about everywhere. I have no problem trading DMAC, Huff, Branch, Jano, and/or TP if we can get decent compensation. We currently need 16 players (possibly more if we cut all the "out of whack contracts") and have only the money for 3-6 in FA and 6 draft picks. See the dilemma?

If I am RM I am not complaining - I am simply being honest with myself and hoping I do a Seahawks 2012 and hit on just about every draft pick, find 6-10 veteran players willing to play for the minimum and re-sign my two key players in Wheeler and Bryant.

Your thoughts?

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