My offseason Plan with Projected Numbers

I am going to preface that this projection clears up future contracts and Cap issues mostly in 2013 leaving only a couple to deal withnext year.

Release: (Dead Money ~$40,935,000 with Seymour's) some can't be spread out over two years if done after June 1 which I say we minimize so the future can start earlier)

Palmer ($9,500,000 Cap hit)if no restructure

DHB ($2,360,000 Cap Hit) if no restructure

Kelly ($6,324,000 Cap Hit) I like Kelly a lot Does a lot of dirty work. Cap casualty

McClain ($5,340,000 Cap Hit)

Brisel ($2,840,00 Cap Hit) Just don't see him being effective

Tollefson ($450,000 Cap Hit) did absolutely nothing

Geothel ($80,787 Cap Hit) just can't stay healthy we might be able to keep but don't see the need to

Clayton ($55,000 Cap Hit) can replace pretty easy.

Smith (no Cap Hit) no comment


DHB to $1mil I like him but not at current rate

Palmer $2mil Release take the hit resign fresh contract hopefully which would work in everyone's best interest.

Free Agents:

CB Houston $3 mil should be able to acquire Detroit has a lot to deal with I don't think they can keep him too

CB Porter $1.5 mil will be a health risk but would give Adams and Chekwa a veteran to compete

CB Hanson $825k. Solid nickel and clutch player

LB Barnett $925k good veteran for leadership, still has enough in the tank and RM is familiar and should be cheap only made 700k last year

OG Moore $1.2 mil sparano knows him and is a very good run blocker and decent in pass. Been around awhile so price should be reasonable

RB Battle $825 k I wished we picked him up last year a big hard runner we can use.

DT/DE Bryant $3 mil no need to describe

LB Wheeler $3 mil

OG Carlisle $825k depth veteran and durable

OT Barnes $825k depth

SS Mitchell $825k depth run a 3-3-5 sometimes put him on the field

LB Gaither $700k solid depth filled in well

WR Hagen $700k solid depth and veteran

DE Carter $925k decent pass rush on rotation and veteran for one more year

TE Myers $1.5 mill like to keep but I don't think he is a necessity


C Parsons $500k solid depth

CB Adams $500k depth and can compete to start

CB Ross $500k think he was good depth at FS and can be better than Gio

LB Burnett $500k depth at this point did not see enough

Draft not in order

NT/ MLB (ILB)/ OLB/ RT/ QB/ DE/ TE or WR depends on Myers)/CB

I have it projected around $122mil which is close enought for RM to work his magic. But they need to get Bryant and Wheeler without the Tag and I do not think Myers is Tag worthy

Depth Chart

Oline- Veldheer/ Berg/ Wiz/ Moore/ Draft - depth( Barnes/ Nix/ Parsons/ Carlisle)

WR- Streater/ Moore/ Ford- (DHB/ Hagen/ Criner)

TE- Aus/ Gordon/ Myers or Draft

RB- DMC/ Battle/ Jones/ Reece/ OlaWale

DL (4-3 ) Carter/ Draft/ Bryant/ Houston- Depth (Draft/ Bilukidi/ Draft/ Crawford)

LB (4-3) Wheeler/ Barnett/ Burris- Depth (Draft/ Gaither and Draft/ Burnett)

DL (3-4) Bryant/ Draft/ Houston- Depth (Bilukidi/ Draft/ Crawford)

LB( 3-4) Draft/ Wheeler/ Barnett/ Burris- Depth (Carter/ Gaither/ Draft/ Burnett)

CB Houston/ Porter/ Hanson - depth (Adams/ Draft/ Chekwa)

FS Huff/ Ross

SS Branch/ Mitchell

In draft we need a starting RT/ NT and TE/ OLB/ DE/ MLB/ CB that can start by next year or compete this year

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