QB 2013 NFL Draft class, hidden gems?

The QB class this year has many cringing. Many of these QB's don't have the fire power other qb draft classes had in recent years -- Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, RGiii, Andrew Luck, etc. Let me tell you this though, this qb class isn't horrible, just patience and developing could make some of these qb's have success in the NFL. Arm talent is there.

Many don't believe any qb belongs and should be a top ten pick but it will happen. You draft based off your need, the cardinals need a qb badly. I see them taking one, therefore a QB will go in the top ten possibly even two.

The Cardinals have taking a liking to Barkley from USC ; sounds familiar cardinal fans? I really see that happening as much as Cardinal fans are praying against the thought of another USC QB going to their franchise via the draft. If i was the Cardinals though i'd take Glennon from NC State.

Glennon from NC State in my opinion will be the qb with the better rookie campaign if he goes into a team as a full time starter since day one and gets a full camp under his belt. Glennon in his senior year threw for 4031 yards with 31 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Glennon was one of the top recruits at the quarterback position in 2007 coming out of HS. He has the arm to make all the throws and stands tall in the pocket. Touch on the ball is an issue with him at times, he lets the ball soar high on him and misses open receivers at points.

Geno smith is at the top of this class, many people call him a mobile quarterback and don't mention how good he is in the pocket as much I HAVE NO IDEA WHY but this guy is a pocket quarterback. Him throwing for 4205 yards 42 touchdowns and six interceptions and only rushing for 151 yards with an average of about 2 yards a carry his SR yr tells the whole story.

That doesn't tell the whole story? Well how about him not even running for over 500 yards through out his college career? He does have the athleticism to escape pressure and do some read option zone/pistol packages type of stuff though if teams want to run some of that with him but this guy is a pocket passer. He is in the top 25 all time in NCAA from the quarterback position in any category you could think of.

Many scouts don't see Barkley falling off the first round, might happen. You have many developmental quarterbacks in this draft. EJ Manuel from the Seminoles, Tyler Bray is an intriguing prospect.

Taking over Simms at Tennessee he affirmed himself as the starter and took the team over. This guy has a great arm and has such upside. Raiders should deff consider using their third round pick on him if his still on the board. He threw for over 3600 yards 34 tds to 12 ints his senior year at Tennessee.

Have i mentioned his upside? I've watched film on this guy a lot out of all the qb's and i love what i see. What troubles me is inconsistency and when his under pressure doesn't step into throws and is innacurate. He also has too much faith on his arm, he is a gunslinger by default. He reminds me of a lil Brett Favre tossing the rock into coverage and having faith in his arm and in his guy to get the ball. The inconsistency issues are the only major concerning part but that's something a young talented qb could work on and take care of.

Ryan Nassib throws good as far as driving the ball goes , good arm, accuracy is an issue. He looked horrible at the senior bowl and not comfortable at all under pressure and in the pocket, he played scared in my opinion and had a bad showing. He could make the throws, inconsistency.

Have i mentioned all these qb's need to work on consistency? Geno smith shows he could play the most consistent out of all these qb's therefore the reason he is the number one qb in all the boards.

A sleeper in this class is Matt Scott from Arizona. He is fast for his size and has arm talent. He is a project and developmental type of prospect that could develop and surprise people. Many media outlets don't even talk about this guy. I watched film on him and he showed me his a playmaker and makes the throws needed to win. He has a nice touch on the ball and threw for 3620 yards and 27 tds to 14 ints his senior year. His speed is a plus in today's league where Defensive linemen are getting stronger and bigger but somehow faster.

Matt scott had a strong showing at the combine. He has a tight spiral and could throw in small windows. When he is not accurate it usually involves a turf ball or a high ball needing the wr to adjust or climb the ladder. He doesn't just throw the ball into a defenders hands. This guy could surprise some people. I see him going in the fourth round.

This years draft class is an interesting one. Who do you see as the best quarterback and the one to faster succeed in the nfl? Who is your surprise pick/hidden gem in the draft (QB) ?

Personal Twitter: @pedro__damian

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