why branden albert will shape the entire draft for the raiders

Branden Albert may not know it, but whether he stays or goes with the Chiefs drastically impacts the Raiders.

Reggie knows this and has has a plan pending what happens with Albert. Here's whats going on.

The Chiefs are in between Smith and Luke Joeckel. They want Smith because Cassel and Quinn had awful seasons and they are in need of somebody who can throw the ball effectively. It's also pretty common for coaches to go out and bring in "their guy" for the QB position, somebody who can run the plays that they have designed.

On the other hand, their starting LT Branden Albert's contract is up and he might just go somewhere else if the offers good. Of course, the offer has to be better for him to stay. If they fail to resign Albert, they will be in dire straits at the tackle positions and no matter who throws the ball its going to be rocky. This is where Albert controls the fate of the Raiders.

Hopefully, Albert resigns. Geno Smith becomes KCs number 1 overall pick. This doubles up on taking him away from the Raiders, a division rival that you wouldn't want to have this kind of talent play for. This is akin to the 49ers trading up to snatch away Kaepernick from the Raiders. The rumors about the scouts being in love with Geno is all part of the plan. Reggies trying to get the Chiefs to take him so he doesn't end up on the division rivals team.

Jaguars pass on Joeckel. Raiders trade with either the Rams or the Packers. I know some of you are saying whoa no way the Packers trade up. I say it's actually plausible. The Packers allowed the 2nd most amount of sacks on Aaron Rodgers this past season coming in at 51, only 7 sacks shy of the #1 Arizona Cardinals. You can bet ol Reggie knows that about his former team and I wouldn't be surprised if he reached out to them with Joeckel in hand. Of course it'll cost them an arm and a leg but Green Bay will want to protect its investment in him as best they can. This sets our draft for this year and the next year, speeding up the rebuilding process immensely.

Then we've all speculated on the Rams and their two number 1 picks so I'll just let that one be. The Green Bay trade is the one we would benefit from the most because it has the long term benefits.

And then of course, if the Chiefs take Joeckel in lieu of being unable to sign Alberts, then we either draft Geno or use him to bait the Cardinals or Bills.

There you have it. Whether Albert walks or resigns will shape our entire draft.

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