Breaking Down The Raiders' Needs

The draft is a mere month away, we all look forward to the draft, seeing the retooling process unfold in front of our eyes.
Obviously, with the passing of Al Davis, it is quite an understatement to say that we are "under new management." The H-W-S prospect that Al Davis was notorious for always gave us an idea of what and who the raiders were gonna draft.

While this isn't Reggie Mckenzies first draft, it is his first complete draft with the Raiders, or at least semi-complete with us missing our 2nd round pick.

This is the smoke-screen period before the draft, no one ever want to show their hand, give any insight as to who they're taking because that leaves them vulnerable for that player being poached from them, its also the period in which the hype of a player can cause some teams to over draft and over value a player, inflating the price for the rights to draft a player. If someone wants to draft a player, creating hype will give you an advantage and the leverage when they want your pick.

Last year the browns traded up to the 3rd pick in order to secure Trent Richardson, becuase there were rumors that "someone" was looking to trade up, they ended up giving a 3rd or 4th which was actually pretty fair, if there really was another suitor. But we will never really know.

The raiders are showing interest in Geno, so Cleveland, Arizona, Buffalo, and even the Jets, spark up a debate if whether or not they should trade up. Now this could either work or not, suffice to say we won't know until draft day.

Although it has sparked a debate about not if Geno will go, but WHEN. I constantly see the raiders in mock drafts, having Geno, or at least mentioning him in someway towards the raiders.

Now the raiders are indefinitely linked to the raiders, despite the obvious fact that the raiders' defense is in turmoil( only returning 3 surefire starts Branch, Houston and Burris) now this could easily backfire because the jaguars also now appear interested, privately working out Geno, or also if a team thinks that there is serious interest with the raiders, they could jump over and trade with the jaguars or worst, the chiefs.

SMOKESCREEN SEASON. What are u gonna do?

ANywasy. Back to the teams needs.

QB - WHETHER we like Palmer or Pryor really doesn't matter, we have to be confident that the team will put the most capable starter on the field, whoever puts the team in the best position to win. we dont see Pryor on a regular basis, we dont know whether he is ready or not, and we could permanently scar him if we throw him into the fire too soon( David Carr, Alex Smith) and he might never reach his true potential.

Last year, i was firmly on Palmer, i was rattled a little by the product on the field put last year, but hey it was a lost season and he really did have to do it all on his own, He's a good QB but he's not Brady. So, I'd be fine if he is the starter coming into the year, but if the season looks to be lost, then sit him and play Pryor, the way i see it, its a win-win situation, if he sucks then we get the #1 pick and pick up Manziel or Bridgewater. If hes plays well, makes some good strides as the season progresses, lights a fire under the team, and looks like a cornerstone in this offense. Well than Merry Christmas to us.

Final - Not a huge need, although if theres a sleeper, a Matt Scott or someone Reggie thinks he can groom, then get him, but not a priority, Palmers got at least 2 good years left in him, maybe more.

RB - McFadden could not stay build on the 6 games he had last year. And i think we forgot how lights out he could play. I think McFadden has a lot left in the tank, yeah hes injury prone, but hes played in 13 games every year but one, and he finishes the year healthy. So a playoff run with him wouldnt be out of the question.

Final - A need, but not a priority. We just lost Goodson, and man are some raiders getting paid.

WR - we have Moore, Streater, Ford and Criner. 4 potential superstar players, i dont know if we have a 1, moore really underperformed the entire year, i saw some drops and i know that he was benched for lackluster play. Not all his fault, offense was one-dimentional, he should be able to take the top off next year.

Final - Not a huge need. a luxury pick, with our recent history of finding late round gems, why the hell shouldnt we. i think reg could find us a superstar in there.

TE - people are saying we need a veteran, but i dont believe so. People were saying the same thing last year after we released boss, most teams dont carry that many TEs, we had 3, and i knew that with all their different skill sets then they can form 1 competent TE. Obviously we cant just put in Ausberry in passing downs or Gordon on runs. but we could mix it up, Myers was last in terms of blocking according to PFF, could ausberry be that bad, could Gordon not cathc one every once in awhile.

final - no.

Order as of now: RB/WR, QB

Offensive LIne

OT - Veldheer is a cornerstone Left Tackle, hes better than most in the the league. weve wanted a new Right tackle for a while, but i think we can last another year, with more balance in the offense i dont see Barnes being a huge weakness.

final - Maybe.

OG - Brisiel and Carlisle. oh man that sound pretty bad, 2 zone specialists in a PBS. Carlisle has been holding onto his job by a thread for years. I dont know how brisiel will react or respond to the change, i think we can at least last one year.

Final - a need, not a huge priority.

C - Nope

Priorities as of now: OG/OT(one or the other), RB/ WR, QB

Now to the real problems.

DE - this position is in a disarray, we have no for sure starter, Houston could potentially be kicked inside, this is a huge need, we could plug in a stop-gap with Hunter and maybe leave Houston, but it would only be for the short term, we have no pass rush from the outside. Shaugnessy turned out to be a huge dissapointment, never turning into what he showed flashes of becoming. we had 2 primarily run DEs and they couldnt really stop the run, they would occasionally let a couple big ones loose.

Final - we need a pass rusher, pretty bad, have some kind of help for the secondary.

DT - before the start of free agency i didnt think this was a huge need, but now i dont know, Losing Dez, and us being expected to release Kelly. i dont think we can afford to let him leave, he would only clear up like 4 million in cap space, maybe less idk. Kelly played bad in 2012, but 2012 was a step in the wrong decision for everyone involved. And we all knew that Kelly would be a big piece in making out DL formidable and one of the best. Who else is out there?

Final - not a priority, but a need. We leave Kelly inside, and have a timeshare with Sims and Walker

LB - this qickly got turned around for us in Free agency, i think we picked up some good options in free agency. The only problem, we pcked up one too many, i think Burnett just looked like too much of a deal to pass up, and i hear we have his brother. do u think that played a huge part in negotiations, what if we cut him, will he be like "hey, what the fuck," do u think he made us pinky swear to not cut his brother. Roach looks like a steal. i didnt know who the "other LB" was in chicago but i didnt see a lot of him in the raiders game last year, and in this business if u dont know someones name it can sometimes be either good or bad. In this case i believe it was good, all they hype and the name brand that came with Chicago they probably didnt want to sound pretentious, "we have 3 great LBs," He started the last 3-4 years, got to learn from some of the best and also started for Urlacher when he went down last year, so we know hes accountable, and trusted. Maiva - looks like a solid signing, underrated, i hear hes formidable against the run and pass, should be a solid pickup. Burnett - part of the stout miami defense, that always seems to obliterate us, so he can only be good. i also like how we basiclly switched LBs with Miami, wheeler for Burnett, thats hilarious, and also how we stole from the teams that sandbagged us, those asses stole our 2 best players. burris- played well last year, i have no idea what were gonna do with 4 LBs. Maybe with our secondary, put in Burris as Safety,

also nice we wont have a wheeler situation, where a guy leaves us after one year

LB - not a need

CB - (whistle). man, is this position depleted. this position was marred by injuries last year, this is a HUGE need, i absolutely believe we need to draft one, at least with one of our 2 picks if not both. i hope we can sign Newman, Jenkins, or Winfield, these are good pieces to add. i also think we should try to resign spencer, he didnt play bad in my opinion, although it could have been that our defense sucked so much he just covered the least bad.

FInal - YES

S - the release of Huff caught me off guard, i thought he was the only strong piece from our secondary, i mean imagine what wouldve happend if he wasnt there.

Final - a need but not a priority, we could always resign Giordano. Who always seemed to be conveniently injured whenever the offense had a big play or reached the redzone.

Priorities: S(thats secondary, not Safety) Jk

real PRIORITIES: CB, PR(Pass Rusher), OG/OT, RB/WR, S

DRAFT DAY - the perfect scenario would be to trade down, stockpile some picks or at least a 2nd. thats all we need

i have 2 scnarios, one if we trade down, and the other if we stay. All im gonna do is the 1st pick, i dont now any sleepers, im in college, i cant spend all my time looking at draft prospects,

1st 2 picks

KC - Lotuleilei/Joeckel

JAC - Floyd/Joeckel


1 - Millner, yes at 3. u dont let go of a possition just to draft one, were not the chiefs, who almost let go of albert and would draft joeckel. DTs not a need if we dont let go of kelly. i think we take a really good player where we can get him, he fixes a need, and if we sign at least one corner, then our secondary wouldnt be in total shambles. Theres not one pass rusher in this draft that doesnt have his flaws, that isnt a risk. we take a future pro bowl caliber player, and never look back. i know the last "safe" pick we took from Alabama didnt work out too well, but hey "u gotta risk it to get the biscuit"

Trade down

1 - raiders trade down with the...................................................................................................................................................... Lions(thats it). they want Fisher/.

Eagles take jordan

Raiders - cards want the pick, want to keep Buffalo from jumping, they offer their 2nd and 4th. Buffalo calls give up their 2nd and 4th. we call up arizona, tell them theyve been outbid, they give up 2nd and 3rd we take it.

Bada bing

5th - smith

6th - millner

7th - ...........................................................

chargers call. whaaatt. curve ball....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...................................................................................................................................................................

we tell them to go pound sand, i dont know if were allowed to us profanity..

Dolphins call, they want Laen Johnson - give up their 2nd and next years 2nd. we take it and move to the 12th

8th - bills - Patterson

9th - jets- Jones

10th titans - warmack

11th- chargers - cooper -

12th - raiders,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cowboys call up they want another corner to pair with claiborne. take rhodes and give up 2nd and 5th

im tired. thats what will happen, if u believe it, it will come true.

we draft at 18. take datone jones. then win the draft. take blidi wreh - wilson and a couple other guys, i dont remember how many pick i stockpiled, it will be that kind of a day for us.

anyways, everyone is surprised by the raiders moves thinks they did a nice jib. But of course theyll always find something to complain about. "the raiders set themselves up for the future, stockpiling picks, but they didnt take an elite level player that can help them win now, they wont be competetive and will regret this"


No need to thank me or idolize me. im just like u, but better in so many ways. If i hadd to describe my strenghts, id say its my humbleness. im the most humblest person in the whole world.

hey i do this for you. and im great at what i do.

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