Scouting Report: Sharrif Floyd


Born May 28th, 1992


297 lbs.

Defensive tackle

University of Florida


  • Fast, active, heavy hands.
  • Endless hustle. Pursues downfield.
  • Thick, muscular lower body allows for an excellent push.
  • Sound tackler. Wraps up well. Drives ballcarriers into the ground.
  • A wide array of pass rushing moves. At various times showed a rip, a spin, a club and a swim.
  • Moved around everywhere: one, three and five techniques.
  • Gets by the guard quick and blows up running plays.
  • The next play I see him dog it on will the first.
  • Very, very strong. If an offensive lineman lets Floyd get into his pads, he’s taking a walk backwards.
  • Steps it up in big games.


  • Finds himself caught up in traffic too often and gets neutralized.
  • Sometimes seems out to lunch. Will appear almost lost on occasion.
  • Doesn’t protect his legs well. Gets submarined a lot.
  • Remarkably less effective as a DE than DT. Not convinced he can or should be anything more than a 4-3 UT
  • Doesn’t have the short area burst to get many sacks.
  • Doesn't anchor as well as a guy with his build should
  • Knows many pass rushing moves, but they don’t seem to ever amount to much.

I confess in casually watching Sharrif Floyd during the season I didn't really get the hype. However, after closely studying his tape I understand better. Floyd's best trait is his ability to disrupt plays in the backfield and that was sorely lacking on the Oakland defense last year (along with, well, everything else.) It's important to remember that Floyd is very young. He won't even turn 21 for almost a month after he hears his name called on the first day of the draft. He simply hasn't been playing football for very long and for him to be this good already is definitely exciting to contemplate.

That said, I think some draft analysts should pump the brakes a bit on Floyd. I saw one guy on NFL network (cannot remember who for the life of me) declare he thinks Floyd will be an All-Pro from day 1. Maybe, but I think that's way premature. Floyd is raw as cane sugar and I could foresee a difficult first season for him as he matures and transitions to NFL level competition. After that, though, the sky is the limit.

The Raiders under Reggie McKenzie are being built through the draft with long-term competitiveness in mind. In view of that, Floyd would be a good choice to anchor the defensive line over the long haul, as long as early expectations are tempered.

NFL Comparison: Nick Fairley, DT, Detroit Lions -- Like Floyd, Fairley is a thick built, aggressive defensive tackle who excels at penetrating his gap and disrupting plays in the backfield. The two also share a tendency to not necessarily show up on the stat sheet as much as their talent might indicate, but not through lack of effort. Fairley had a tough first season before coming on big time in his second and I could see Floyd traveling a similar road.

(The games used in this evaluation were the 2012 Florida contents against Texas A&M, Louisville, Florida State, Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee)

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