Scouting Report: Eric Fisher


Born January 5, 1991


306 lbs.

Offensive tackle

Central Michigan University


  • Mirrors pass rushers almost flawlessly
  • Excels at riding the rush harmlessly out and away from the QB
  • Can handle both speed and power rushers
  • Finishes his blocks. Targets consistently end up on the ground.
  • Underrated mean streak
  • Athletic and quick footed enough for the ZBS, strong enough for power blocking
  • Plug and play day 1 starter
  • Love his hand use. Gets them into the defensive end and keeps them inside
  • defensive players have a very tough time getting into his pads
  • Takes very few penalties thanks to his excellent technique


  • Work in progress run blocker
  • Not as effective on the second level. Frequently seems awkward trying to find someone to block
  • Wish he latched on better. Defensive players can shed his blocks easier than you’d like to see.
  • Sometimes lets his hips rise and can be walked backward
  • Level of competition faced in college is a bit of a concern


There's very often at least one smaller school prospect that gets analysts all hot and bothered in the weeks leading up to draft day. Sometimes he's worthy of the hype and sometimes not. Regardless, it's a pretty wise idea to approach with a healthy dose of skepticism. I did in Fisher's case and....folks, believe the hype.

The knock on Fisher's run blocking is legitimate one. However, his talent is so manifest that I have no doubt a dose of pro coaching can bring him along very quickly. But other than that you may have noticed I was basically nitpicking him. Fisher is an incredibly polished prospect with NFL ready pass blocking skills. He has played both right tackle and left tackle and has the physical skillset to flourish in any blocking scheme he may be drafted into.

If Fisher makes it past the Chiefs and Jaguars--and that is by no means a guarantee--he would be a very worthy choice for the Raiders at #3. The Raiders already have an excellent left tackle in Jared Veldheer, of course, but what team wouldn't want a pair of stud bookends for their offensive line? Also, Veldheer is an unrestricted free agent following the 2013 season so it may also be wise for the Raiders to have a high-end backup plan already in place.

NFL COMPARISON: Matt Kalil, OT, Minnesota Vikings -- Fisher and Kalil have virtually identical heights, weights and arm lengths. Both are more polished pass protectors than run blockers. Early returns on Kalil have him living up to his billing as a 10 year offensive line stalwart and Fisher projects the same way.

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