The Tale of The Tape--What the Film Says Oakland Should Do at QB

I don't know about anyone else, but I've been extremely confused as to multiple conflicting reports of trades, abilities, and signings regarding Oakland's QB situation. It has to do with a little of a few things--Reggie McKenzie's "Domino Effect" he has to perform just to sign a player in this cap situation, the privacy of Oakland's organization, and the overall lack of talent at QB on the surface. I've studied tape on all six--yes SIX--QBs that Oakland is tied too (note: this would be 7, but Kolb was is a Bill). I also am leaving out Vince Young, as it seems despite the wish of myself and others to give him a chance at the minimum, the interest is non-existent.

Carson Palmer: The Incumbent

Strengths: Cannon Arm, Most Experience

Weaknesses: Will to Win, Contract, Untimely interceptions

Palmer is first, but almost the least likely. His contract dispute with Oakland has had a messy fallout and two truths have become evident: 1) Carson Palmer will not take a paycut for the Raiders in 2013 and 2) Carson Palmer would rather play for a contender as a backup than start for $10 million on Oakland. His "will to win" for Oakland is clearly shot, and in that case, this regime seems to have him one foot out the door. It could very well be that, currently, Palmer is the best QB in this group. Unfortunately, that leverage seems to be neglected by the Raiders' front office. He's gone, folks.

Verdict: Hell No

Terrelle Pryor: The Wild Card

Strengths: Even Bigger Arm, Mobility, Attitude, Support of Teammates, Contract

Weaknesses: Pretty Much Everything Else

It may be harsh to say Pryor is weak everywhere else, but it's probably the truth. The raw tools are there. People will hate this comparison, but he's a faster JaMarcus Russell with great potential to get better. He will do the work Russell wouldn't. However, Pryor has footwork and accuracy hurdles that were questioned going into his senior year at Ohio State, much less the NFL. I'd be SHOCKED if Pryor wasn't on the preseason opening roster of 70, but I'd be equally shocked if Oakland doesn't bring in a QB that could beat the raw Pryor out in camp.

Verdict: 2nd or 3rd String

Matt Flynn: The Done Deal (or not?)

Strengths: Reggie McKenzie drafted, Experience and Youth, Accuracy, Mobility, Taking Care of Football

Weaknesses: Arm Strength, Contract, Picks required to get him

This is my second favorite solution to the QB position, and much more likely than my first (that's a tease). Flynn has never been given a chance sitting behind Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson in his last two stops. This move has been performed before--Matt Schaub went from Atlanta to Houston in 2007. This time, because of Flynn's inexperience and contract, the price (Swapped 1st rounders and a 2nd) will be much cheaper. I've heard a 2013 6th and a 2014 5th for Matt Flynn. If we want a perfect stopgap, this is the guy. Flynn takes care of the football and can do everything well, but nothing spectacular. This is Matt Schaub 2.0, and Oakland needs a guy like Matt Schaub. My guess--this is the move that will be made.

Verdict: 1st or 2nd String

Geno Smith: The Media's Pick

Strengths: Mobility, Youth

Weaknesses: Use of Top 5 Pick, Unknown upside, unknown ability in pro offense, Use of Top 5 Pick

Yes, I know I put Top 5 pick twice. That's essentially it. In order to get a rising stock like Geno Smith, the Raiders would not only at least have to stay at 3, but they may have to move up as well. Geno's a kid that has pretty good tools out of college, decent game tape, and explosive ability. But, he could easily bust or be whatever Christian Ponder is. Good not great is a term used to describe Geno a lot, but for whatever reason, Oakland is apparently desperate enough on every media outlet to mock Geno to Oakland at 3. Probably because Geno to Oakland and the possible bust that is would keep us as ESPN's scapegoat. Overall, with a guy like Pryor in the fold and Flynn possibly on the way...seriously...Geno at 3? With that defense?

Verdict: Minimal Chance, and even that's way too high for my liking

Matt Barkley: Reggie's Guy?

Strengths: 4 Year Experience as Starter, Media Image, Arm, Pro Style Offense, Could still trade back

Weaknesses: USC QB, Loaded weapons at USC, Shoulder, Locker Room Fights

Barkley is the real question mark I have in this process. At USC's pro day, it's obvious McKenzie was looking at Barkley. My question is why? You have a mirror image of Barkley on your payroll 10 years from now in Carson Palmer. They're very comparable, except Barkley doesn't have that nice Heisman Trophy. Barkley on tape looks like Eli Manning, something I tweeted at NFL Live two months ago, and now somehow, Trent Dilfer happens to have the same thought. But would even Eli as a prospect survive in Oakland with this developing team as it is? Can Barkley carry the team without a Robert Woods or Marquise Lee? If that's even a question, why would we waste a Top 10 pick on a question mark, when we are desperate for a sure thing, especially on defense?

Verdict: Not Worth It

Ryan Nassib: The Unsung Hero?

Strengths: Arm Strength, Accuracy, Poise, History of Carrying Team, Demeanor, Underrated mobility

Weaknesses: Small School, Unlikely Possibility

This is my number one solution to the problem. I absolutely love Ryan Nassib. He's #5 on my board--not my QB board, my OVERALL board, which I hope to release in another fanpost soon. A man I highly respect in NFL Films' Greg Cosell agrees with me on Nassib. He's highly underrated, mainly because he played football, not basketball, at Syracuse. Nassib, no doubt, is the best QB in the class, and of this crop, at making "the NFL throws"--aka a 30 yard out to Denarius Moore in a two minute drill. Cosell says Nassib isn't in the class of Tannehill, but I disagree, as I have Nassib 4 points higher rated than I did Tannehill (92, I had Tannehill at an 88). I watch college film way too much, and the most impressive tape I've seen this year is Nassib's tape against Missouri. His reciever, Alec Lemon, had a great game too.

I don't see McKenzie on Nassib's radar like I am though, which disappoints me, because if Oakland traded back with the Jets, and NYJ took Geno, I'd like Oakland taking Nassib there. He is worthy of #3, but I wouldn't take him there. Too high emotionally for an otherwise under-the-radar guy. That could ruin him. #5-10 range, I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Verdict: Would be 1st String; Unlikely to Happen

So, S&B Pride, are we confused now? I had to check to make sure Flynn-to-Oakland wasn't official as I was writing this, as that's how quick things seem to change. I love to watch film and rank draft guys for a hobby, so if you have any question on guys, it'd be awesome to ask. Thank You for reading, as I tried to break up the blocky text to make this less boring. Go Raiders!

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