Restructure, Re-Sign or Release: A Study of Commensurate Pay vs. Production

For most Oakland Raider fans, this time of year presents both excitement and unrelenting anxiety. If you are anything like me, by days end, you've sorted through the static of opinions and have eventually stumbled across this page hoping to read a news update coming out of HQ that indicates the direction and goal of the organization. As we approach the FA signing period and upcoming draft, it's no secret that we're in a predicament. There are players we'll need to restructure, players we'll need to release, and players we desperately need to re-sign.

Being that we're in salary cap "purgatory," I've researched the salaries and production of each player I think should restructure. Granted, I don't work in the front office and I am not versed in the precise science and intricate workings of numbers as per the NFL. My intention of this post is just to show the value of each players production in a comparative format with other players around the league to see what would indicate a possible out of whack contract. I understand that there are many variables that come into play and that each situation differs from team to team but I hope this serves as an all inclusive overview of the production we're getting and the price we're currently paying.


2 year stat comparison

Carson Palmer ($13m in 2013) 25 games/ 544 completions/ 6771 yds/ 37 TDs/ 30 INT/ 8 Fum.

Eli Manning ($13m in 2013) 32 games/ 680 completions/ 8881 yds/ 56 TDs/ 31 INT/ 13 Fum.

Matthew Stafford ($12.5m in 2013) 32 games/ 856 completions/ 10,005 yds/ 65 TDs/ 33 INT/ 11 Fum.

Matt Ryan ($10m in 2013) 32 games/ 769 completions/ 8896 yds/ 64 TDs/ 26 INT/ 8 Fum.

Tony Romo ($11.5m in 2013) 32 games/ 771 completions/ 9087 yds/ 61 TDs/ 29 INT/ 12 Fum.

Drew Brees ($9.75m in 2013) 32 games/ 890 completions/ 10,653 yds/ 89 TDs/ 33 INT/ 6 Fum.

*2012 Stats most comparable to: Matt Schaub ($10m in 2013)

Running Backs

4-5 year stat comparison; * indicates 4 year stats

Darren McFadden ($5.85m in 2013) 57 games/ 23 TDs/ 3334 yds/ 1449 rec. yds/ 15 Fum.

Frank Gore ($3.3m in 2013) 71 games/ 35 TDs/ 5434 yds/ 1579 rec. yds/ 18 Fum.

*Lesean McCoy ($3m in 2013) 58 games/ 38 TDs/ 3866 yds/ 1588 rec. yds/ 9 Fum.

*Arian Foster ($5.25m in 2013) 51 games/ 50 TDs/ 4521 yds/ 1531 rec. yds/ 12 Fum.

*2012 Stats most comparable to: Ryan Matthews ($2.7m in 2013)

Wide Receivers

4 year stat comparison

Darrius Heyward Bey ($7.7m in 2013) 56 games/ 140 rec./ 2071 yds/ 11 TDs/ 1 Fum.

Larry Fitzgerald ($5m in 2013) 64 games/ 338 rec./ 4438 yds/ 31 TDs/ 0 Fum.

Roddy White ($5.6m in 2013) 64 games/ 392 rec./ 5189 yds/ 36 TDs/ 3 Fum.

Desean Jackson ($6.75m in 2013) 55 games/ 212 rec./ 3873 yds/ 21 TDs/ 5 Fum.

*2012 Stats most comparable to:Chris Givens ($570k in 2012) Brandon Gibson 2013 FA ($1m in 2012)

Other players I'd like to see restructure their contracts are:

Tyvon Branch($10.9m in 2013)

2012 Stats comparable to:

Ryan Clark PIT ($4.75m in 2013)

Reshad Jones MIA ($1.3m in 2013)

Kurt Coleman PHI ($640k in 2013)

Rolando McClain ($4m in 2013)-IF not traded or released*2012 Stats comparable to:

Bruce Carter ($1.3m in 2013)

Dont'a Hightower ($2.1m in 2013)

Tommy Kelly ($6.5m in 2013)If not traded or released*2012 Stats most comparable to:

Kyle Williams BUF ($5.8m in 2013)


Desmond Bryant (FA in 2013) *2012 Stats comparable to:

Jonathan Babineaux ATL ($5.2m in 2013)

Tyson Alualu JAX ($3.5m in 2013)

Philip Wheeler *2012 Stats most comparable to:

Larry Foote FA ($3.6m in 2012)

Lawrence Timmons PIT ($5.8m in 2013)

Stephen Tulloch DET ($4.8m in 2013)

Although we've got a ways to go in order to re-sign our players and perhaps a couple of free agents; I look forward to seeing a compromise from all parties associated and that the players we're targeting understand the concept of a team first mentality...

"May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars."

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