Matt Flynn continues Raiders theme of players with something to prove

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Dennis Allen spoke to media in a conference call Monday after the team announced they had trade for Matt Flynn fits the mold of the kind of players the Raiders have sought out this off-season.

There is a recurring theme among the Raiders acquisitions this off-season - they're all hungry players trying to prove that they just need a chance. Matt Flynn is just such a player.

Flynn has never really gotten a chance in his career. He started just two games in Green Bay and after signing with the Seahawks last off-season, was beaten out for the starting job by rookie Russell Wilson. And if you ask, Dennis Allen, that's just the way he likes it.

"When you look at Matt, he's one of those guys that even though he hasn't had a lot of opportunities, when he's had those opportunities, he's made the most out of those chances," said Allen in a conference call Monday. "We feel real good about that and feel real good about getting a young prospect at quarterback."

Flynn's introduction to the team means Carson Palmer will be exiting very soon. Allen thinks the team is the better for it.

"We felt like we got better," said Allen. "We feel like as many guys that we can bring into the building that are looking for the opportunity to compete, looking for the opportunity to prove that they're the type of player that we can build around. Anytime we can get those type of guys in the building, I think it's a plus. Matt Flynn's got those type of characteristics."

The fact that the Raiders are moving on from Palmer centers around his unwillingness to lower his cap number. Reggie McKenzie has been moving out all the big contracts on the team since he arrived. He didn't give them that money and has no ties to them.

Flynn comes with ties to McKenzie and his glowing endorsement. He is also cheaper, younger, and is seen as having a lot of untapped talent.

"I think you look into all those things when you're trying to make those types of decisions. And I think we all just felt like at this point when you look at Matt Flynn and obviously with Reggie being in the building in Green Bay it led a lot of credibility and helped us to feel real solid about this opportunity to bring him in and give him and opportunity here."

Allen and McKenzie continue to reiterate that there will be competition at the quarterback position. Terrelle Pryor is the only other quarterback on the roster at present and the team will be adding two other quarterback this off-season whether in free agency or the draft.

It is more of a chance than he had in Green Bay and at least an equal chance to that of Seattle last off-season. He has much to prove and now has the chance to prove it.

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