Raiders are on the clock. Who do you take at 3?

Draft day is coming up and who the Raiders are going to pick is up in the air still. Seemed like not too long ago when Star was deemed our pick at three by almost every mock draft "expert." Now times have changed and draft stocks have risen and fallen. Damontre Moore who was once an option for us at the third pick in the draft might fall all the way to our third round pick. Jarvis Jones' medical issues have knocked him out of the top 10 it seems. Star's heart problem seems to have knocked him down enough that he is longer a lock at three.

On the flip side, Sharrif Floyd has flown up draft boards and must be considered one of the top Defensive Tackles. Dion Jordan has shown that he might be the best all around player on the defensive side of the ball. Ezekiel Ansah has shown the Football world that he is an athletic freak with a huge ceiling. This leaves the question of what the hell do we do with the third pick in the draft.

For the sake of this post, let us assume that the Chiefs take Luke Joeckel with the first pick. As far as the Jaguars go, they can easily mess up our pick by taking the guy we want or they could just take Geno and leave us with all of our options. Also I will assume that we are not able to trade down. While that would be ideal, it is nearly impossible to predict who we would trade down with.

Dion Jordon

Pros: Extremely athletic, Huge room to improve, No glaring weaknesses, Awesome in coverage, Great playing in space, Would fit perfectly in 3-4 or hybrid scheme.

Cons: Still Raw, Could improve run defense,

I think Dion Jordon could be the best all around player from the draft a few years down the line. He has shown that he has the potential to be an every down player and could easily be a difference maker on any defense. That being said, I think the Raiders only pick him if they are switching to a 3-4 or a much more hybrid oriented defense. While he could still function in a 4-3, I think he could be so much better as an OLB in a 3-4. If he falls to three I really think the Raiders should think hard about taking him because he looks like a unique prospect.

Sharrif Floyd

Pros: Athletic for a Defensive Tackle, Great interior pass rusher, Can play anywhere on the line in a 4-3 or 3-4, Solid in just about every aspect.

Cons: He has disappeared and been pushed around in the run game a few times. Would like more consistency.

Sharrif Floyd is every "experts" favorite pick for the Raiders it seems right now. I really can't say I disagree with them either. The Raiders have no real proven starter on their D-Line. Yea sure they signed some people but no one that has been a full time starter. Floyd would give the Raiders a player that I think could be compared to Geno Atkins of the Bengals. He would tremendously help our pass rush as well as improve our run defense. He fits perfect as a three technique 4-3 interior lineman. Reggie Mckenzie also visited him at his pro day. If he falls to three, most people believe the Raiders will take him.

Star Lotulelei

Pros: For a player of his size, he has awesome athleticism, Drew double and triple teams in college, Awesome run defender, solid pass rusher, Can play any position on the line in any formation.

Cons: Heart issue still scares people, Lack of production in college,

Star is a beast of a human being. He is fast for his size and has awesome strength. When it comes to run defense, he is like a wall out there who clogs wherever he is lined up. He can also play anywhere on the line in any formation. He would ideally be best in a 4-3 5 tech position. That all being said his lack of production in college might turn some people away. Some attribute that to him being constantly double teamed or triple teamed. Other attribute to his stamina or inconsistency. Of course the heart issue also raises concerns. He has been cleared medically and has said it should not bother him again though. Still the thought will probably be in the back of the Raider's mind if he is available at three.

Ezekiel Ansah

Pros: Athletic freak, Can play Defensive end in a 4-3 or 3-4 OLB. His ceiling is incredibly high. He is awesome at putting pressure and stopping the run. Might be best athlete in draft class.

Cons: Very raw, Lots of room for improvement with technique.

Could Ezekiel be the Ansah? Ezekiel Ansah is an athletic freak if you haven't heard. His combine was outstanding as well as his performance at the senior bowl. He is often compared to Jason Piere-Paul of the New York Giants. If we all knew he would end up being that good, I think he would be an obvious pick at three. That is the real question lies with him though, is he worth the risk at three? While he could potentially be the next JPP, he could also be the next DHB who I know all of you are familiar with. He is an amazing athlete but how good of a football player will he be?

Dee Milliner

Pros: Solid corner in all areas of the game. He could easily be a number one corner for years to come. Has solid size and athleticism.

Cons: Is he really worth it at three? Coming off shoulder surgery. Lack of interceptions.

The Raiders need corner help and Milliner could be the answer. He constantly shut down the opposing receivers last season. He looked great in man coverage and zone coverage which would fit the Raiders perfectly. The real question with him is he worth it at three? There is no denying he is an excellent corner but compared the last few years of top corners, he really doesn't compare. He is no Patrick Peterson or Joe Haden coming out of college. I was really not sure about putting him on here honestly but I know some people like him so I put him on.

This is just my attempt at an analysis of these players. I cut down the list to these players because I don't see how they take anyone else at this point. So now you are in Reggie Mckenzie's shoes and are on the clock for the third pick. Who do you take?

Thanks for reading and sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Go Raiders!

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