Chadron St. OT/OG Garrett Gilkey: True Diamond in the Rough


Last time on "True Diamond in the Rough" we went over the pass-catching tight end from San Jose State, Ryan Otten. In this post, I will be introducing our first offensive lineman prospect. There are a lot of depth issues at the line as well as a hole at LG. lets see if this kid can show the stuff to contribute.

Garrett Gilkey, OT/OG, Chardon St.

Height: 6'6; Weight: 318

arm length: 32' 5/8

40 Yd Dash: 5.29

10 Yd Dash: 1.76

Bench Press: 28

20-Yd Shuttle: 4.75

3-cone Drill: 7.65

Career Stats

N/A (Because no one keeps track of OL statistics like pancake blocks and penalties)

Draft Projection: 6-7 Round

Power, Animal, Beast, Machine are all words I can use to describe the play of Garrett Gilkey. This guy absolutely wrecks Defensive Lineman. Many times I see him just take 350 pound guys by the shoulder pads and toss them aside like rag dolls.

Gilkey is a very interesting prospect if you look at his body type, power and speed. he has the ideal weight for OT at 6'6 318 pounds as well as his speed which is faster than luke joeckel, D.J Fluker, and Menelik Watson. with so many attributes that a OT must have, he is still considered a OG at the next level. why is that? The answer lies with his arm length. Most OTs have arms that are 34 inches are more in length so they can get those speedy rushers coming off the edge. Gilkey does not have those types of arms. In fact his arms are about the same length as OG larry Warford and Kyle Long. But he is extremely tall and a little faster than most Guards so seeing where he fits would be interesting

Gilkey played OT all 4 years at Chardon St. and at the end of his career, Gilkey has stayed relatively healthy all 4 years of his career except for missing two games from a freak accident where his appendix burst. Gilkey is an exceptional athlete playing football, basketball, and track in both high school and college.

Gilkey is also quite intelligent as well, making the honor roll in high school and college but his road to success wasn't always lollipops and rose petals.

A quote from Gilkey:

"I was undersized and I was actually bullied and ostracized by my entire school and I was booed a few times in front of the entire school. Going into my freshman year, I had a heart operation -- very simple, but it prevented me from playing in any sports and doing anything, So, I excelled academically. With that, some of the guys -- especially on the football team and the upper cliques -- distanced (themselves) from me because I wasn't able to do the running in the summer and the workouts. I was booed twice in school. I was constantly bullied, constantly picked on."

Ever since then he has felt he had stuff to prove and is now the 19th ranked best OT in the draft. had this to say about Garrett Gilkey:

" Looks the part. Naturally large man with good weight distribution and long limbs. Shows good initial quickness off the snap, including good lateral agility. Bends at the knees and plays on the balls of his feet, making him more nimble than his size might lead you to believe. Showed much greater use of leverage and overall physicality inside at the Senior Bowl than he'd previously shown on tape at tackle, sitting down to anchor against even Georgia's mammoth nose guard John Jenkins (6-4, 359). Has an on-off switch in terms of his personality; easy-going, good-natured player off the field but showed grit in his play against top competition in Mobile, including flashes of some nastiness. Intriguing developmental prospect with the athleticism and work ethic to believe that his best football is still ahead of him."

His only knock is his level of competition (but that is becoming less of an issue due to his great showing at the senior bowl) and that he tends to play high which makes sense because he is 6'6

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