Jerboat's mock draft 2.0 - with Miami Trade

Thought i'd try my hand at the draft if we made the supposed Miami trade that's been rumored. Just for fun.

1st Round - #12 - Desmond Trufant - CB

In my opinion one of the most underrated corners in the draft, and not that much of a talent/potential drop-off from Millner. A extremely hard worker with good size and probably the most fluid backpedal and footwork of all the DBs in the draft. Most importantly, a leader on the field who wants to be great. Sky's the limit for Trufant.

2nd Round - #42 - Eddie Lacy - RB

Word around town is Lacy's stock could fall into the third round. I think that's crazy. I also think if he falls past the Bengals (you know, our original second rounder) RM will JUMP all over Lacy. A two headed attack of Dmac and Lacy is enough to make OC Olsen, Flynn and all of us drool. Despite quality d-line options available in the second i'd have no issues taking Lacy. He'd immediately make the entire offense better and making potentially losing Mcfadden (at some point in the season) bearable.

3rd Round - #66 - Corey Lemonier - OLB/DE

I'm a big Lemonier fan. He's a little small for a DE but when it comes to pure pass-rush ability he's a gem. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a ton of 3-4 looks this season and Lemonier would immediately contribute in getting after the QB. Incredible pursuit. Remember, just because a player make not play the bulk of snaps doesn't make them any less effective, just look at Bruce Irvin who played in only 44% of snaps yet racked up 8 snaps. You know, more than double what both our sack leaders totaled.

4th Round - #100 - Ryan Otten - TE

I'm not really sure I need to sell anyone here on Otten, we all know about him pretty well. I think he'll be a terrific TE in the pros.

5th Round - #146 - Aaron Dobson - WR

Love me some Dobson. Excellent hands. Does a fantastic job attacking the ball and has terrific body control. Wins a lot of jump balls. While not super speedy, he's exceptionally quick in and out of his cuts, which is probably the most important. Would be a superb option in the red zone. Should be mentioned he'd be good insurance if Moore isn't kept on next year, definitely a possibility.

6th Round - #172 - Ricky Wagner - OT

Last year at this time he was considered a first round pick in this draft. Weird how these things work out. Instead, i look at the success a certain QB named Russell Wilson had, not to mention the holes opened for Montee Ball. Was exceptional on the right side last year. I suspect he'd win the RT competition in camp and we can all sigh with relief that Alex Barron doesn't make it through camp.

6th Round - #176 - Michael Buchanon - DE/OLB

More pass rush. He played pretty well in the senior bowl for DA. Team needs as much depth as possible, lets be honest.

6th Round - #205 - Mark Harrison - WR

A somewhat forgotten man since playing at Rutgers (not known as a receiver hot spot!) Harrison put together a solid collegiate career and has the size and hands to be a very effective red zone target. Harrison put together a very nice combine and had quite a few scouts checking their notes wondering why they hadn't heard of him before.

7th Round - #209 - Gilbert Pena - DT/NT

A big boy. A very big boy. Not much of a athlete, but strong, and big. Have i mentioned big? Raiders need as many space eaters as the can get if they're going to be fully multiple.

(I copy and pasted the last two picks from my last mock draft, i think they'd be solid picks still, regardless of who was drafted before)

Let me know what you think.

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