Matt Flynn is what exactly to the Oakland Raiders?

I have been reading up on a lot of peoples thoughts on the Matt Flynn trade and before I get into my thoughts on thetrade, I want to touch up on what I have been seeing as pros and cons for people on this trade.

Pros: Some say Matt Flynn has been brought here as end all be all replacement for Carson Palmer as our starting quarterback and a few people are saying that this is a a great move for a few reasons...

  • Matt Flynn has a chip on his shoulder and is just the type of player that Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen are looking for (Although many people that DA was looking for a deep ball QB). DA has been cited for saying that he believes that Flynn is ready for his shot to start in this league.
  • Flynn makes a lot less money than Carson Palmer and will save the nation money in the long run.
  • In the two games that he has started Flynn threw for 731 yards, 9 touchdowns, and only two interceptions. He can do well when put into the fire.


  • In reality, Matt Flynn might not be the answer to quarterback that many people are expecting him to be. He sat out the last year after being beaten out in camp by a third round short quarterback named Russell Wilson.
  • Flynn come here and restructuring his deal actually raised the cap number for this year by about half a million dollars and the money is guaranteed to him. The Raiders have gotten into some trouble with guaranteeing players money before and this might not be good if Flynn doesn't play out to be a good move.
  • This hurts Terrelle Pryor's stock within the Raiders organization and many were expecting to get the chance to see Pryor get a chance to start for the Oakland Raiders. This move would take away snaps from Pryor and might hurt his confidence as a player.

None of the aforementioned thoughts are not my thoughts specifically, I'm just trying to explain a few things that I have seen said about the trade.

The following are my actual thoughts on the trade and what this could mean for our organization. My thoughts are that this move will actually be beyond beneficial for the Oakland Raiders and here is why...

  • I do NOT believe is the answer to the franchise at the quarterback position based on his past records, but if there is a slim chance that he could be the quarterback of the future I am willing to take it. In order to get a solid look at him, we didn't give up much. We gave up no draft picks this year, a fifth next year, and a conditional the following year. Yes, the cap did take a 0.5 million hit, but in the interest of having a lot of money for 2014, it was a genius move to restructure the contract the way they did. RM knows that we have 7 million left in cap and that might be just enough to do what we need to for this off season. We aren't looking to bring in the biggest names out there, we are looking to bring in people who are character players that could be high payoff players such as Nick Roach and Mr. Flynn. We are playing moneyball with the cap hell that we were brought into when the new regime came in.
  • Flynn allows us to fully close the door on the Carson Palmer situation. We gave up an astronomical amount on the Palmer experiment and it may hurt for the nation to simply part ways with him and rest our shoulders all on Terrelle Pryor. A first round pick, a second round pick, and millions and millions of dollars are a hard sunk cost to swallow and the addition of Flynn gives us more light at the end of the tunnel than we had before.
  • Speaking of Terrelle Pryor, the competition will not hurt him going into camp. The NFL has already seen Flynn come into camp and be one X factor in pushing another mobile quarterback (Yes, I am talking about the way Flynn pushed Russell Wilson to be a better player). A few analysts claim that his will take away snaps from Pryor, yes this is true, but Pryor is not a sure fire quarterback in the Oakland Raiders' minds. The little tape we have on him reveals that he breaks the pocket too often, has many lofted passes, and has poor footwork. I love Pryor and Flynn will only let him push. If he is truly a leader, he will work hard enough and prove to the organization that bringing in Flynn was a solid choice in finding the backup quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

I love this move and have loved the quiet, but solid offseason the Oakland Raiders have been having. Having Flynn only opens up more possibilities for us during the draft with one key need that we can worry a little bit less about. The addition of Flynn lessens the chance of us taking Geno Smith out of WV, but opens up the door to so many other opportunities like Floyd or trading down to take Milliner or another prospect. I wouldn't be angry at all if we were able to trade down to sub pick-5, take Milliner, and pick up a second rounder as well. The team has a lot of needs and we don't need to look for a homerun top-5 pick in this draft. We need solid players and more of them, not a star (at least not in this draft).

Everything is very exciting going forward for the Oakland Raiders. We got rid of a lot of starters this offseason and it was looking bleak, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is really bright.

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