A look at Pryor Vs. Flynn

I would like to apologize from the start, about grammar and sentence structure (It's been out of college awhile). I hope it's not too bad.

After reading about RM's current comments on it being Flynn's job to lose, I was a bit bothered and felt composed to write this. Let me first say I am not a Pryor lover, and I actually expect Flynn to win the job outright. However in the true spirit of competition, I would have liked to see an open competition. Here is my reasoning, I am assuming most of you reading are as die hard fans as I, if not more so, and have done your research.

I have watched multiple game films of each player, from each of their years in college but mainly senior years (since Flynn didn't have much). So I could see their progression over the years. Although it's hard to see but in limited time Flynn threw 457 yds, 7 TD's and one interception. Also completed 56% of his attempts. This all behind Jawalruss. Finally as a full time starter he amassed 2233 yds, 17 TD's and 10 interceptions. He did that with a 55% completion rate, If you look at those stats alone, he looked pretty polished from the start. The biggest change I noticed over his college career was his confidence.

In his draft profile, other than having great size and high intelligence he was described as mediocre athleticism and arm strength. Even going as far as to suggest not enough strength to thread the needle or hit a out route. It finished to say, he could develop into a serviceable back up role. That being said Matt Flynn was drafted to be the 3rd string behind Rodgers and Brohm. He ended up beating out Brohm and learning from the best for many years. I do personally think that is the best thing a young QB can do, Rodgers and Hasselbeck are great examples. I loved Flynn at LSU and actually picked him up in fantasy for his record breaking game.

I think Flynn does everything near perfect after watching perfection. His decision making, intelligence and footwork are among the best. Unfortunately lacking strength and athleticism, this very well maybe near, not there yet, but near his ceiling. However I would take perfection any day of the week as long as it's winning and consistent.

On the other side we have Pryor, an unbelievably raw athlete and competitor. I would quote all his college stats but I feel like it would be like beating a dead horse. Quick overview though, he's really fast, has terrible footwork, has unbelievable arm strength, has terrible accuracy, make great decisions with runs, makes terrible game decisions with passes. He progressed every season and would have been a lot more NFL ready if he had not be suspended and jumped to the NFL.

I was not sold on Pryor his first year at Ohio but he proved me wrong by taking them to some bowl games. He really impressed me his final year and I thought his senior season would be the one they went the furthest. After that he was drafted to a team with a head coach who didn't want him and no real leader to follow.

If you look at Pryor's strengths they compare favorably to Collin Kaepernick, with his speed and strength. He is actually a lot faster, and a lot stronger. Those two things cannot be coached. His ceiling is a lot higher because of the fact that with good coaching his weaknesses can be fixed. He ha been working with QB coaches all off season to get his footwork down (which has a lot to do with accuracy). Game decision making will come with more playing time (also increases accuracy. His last knock is accuracy which hopefully improving those other two will improve as well. Reliable receivers and confidence are the only other things you can do to improve accuracy. If he can get all that and still can't hit the backside of a barn he might be at his full potential.

What bothers me about RM outright saying Flynn is the starter is it takes a little confidence away from TP and make him think the organization has less confidence in him. After assessing both players I do want Flynn to be starter for a year or two until TP can harness his potential but I would like to have seen him win it outright and not diminish the confidence of a raw athlete like TP.

(again sorry if it's hard to read, I was a history major)

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