Rolando McClain is gone, I'm CRUSHED


ROMAC was great in the night game (opener vs Chargers), he just needs overtinted dome to perform in day games. Dude has sensitive eyes. I never make excuses for players.

In the Monday Night Football opener last year vs. Bolts, Romac nearly won defensive player of the week for his dominant performance. He was snubbed due to media bias against the Raiders.

In day games, while it appeared to Raider Nation that ROMAC was dogging it and giving up on plays after whiffing on another tackle, it’s really that he’s indecisive because he can’t quite see the runner blowing by him, because ROMAC is blinded by the light.

ROMAC’s problem is that his hometown cops are conspiring against him even before he signs excessive window tint citations with obscenities instead of his real name, or when he pulls a gun on his homies when given time off practice for mourning the death of a family member.

And the bigger problem is that the NFL conspires against him by not allowing players to wear shades. That is why no other team would give up a draft pick for him in a trade. Coach Allen can wear a visor, but they won’t let ROMAC wear one.

Raider Nation observers have also noted that ROMAC seems to guess a lot and take himself out of plays, or often reads the play wrong. Truth is ROMAC just can’t see plays very well.

Some Raider Nation observers believe that after ROMAC blows another tackle that the reason he lays on the ground and doesn’t ever bother to try to get up and chase down the play/ try to make amends for whiffing on another tackle is that he’s trying to hide from his mistakes instead of taking responsibility and making an effort to try to fix them.

And while Raider Nation observers weren’t hallucinating when they saw ROMAC take a dive after virtually every blown tackle, they don’t understand that ROMAC had to lie face down on the ground because getting light in his eyes would just be too much for him to deal with. And to think that Raider Nation was so stupid that they believed he was quitting on plays because he didn’t care…

I believe ROMAC really is light sensitive—that is why he sucks in day games and is discriminated against by cops.

But it’s so sad that such a promising LB prospect failed due to a light sensitivity problem. ROMAC is still a top prospect for the Decatur Police Athletic League, as a night game specialist.

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