This is a list of a few free agents I feel will take us to the next level...

Sheldon Brown


5'8" 200 LBS

11 Seasons (8 Yrs W/ Phil) (3 Yrs W/ Cle)

Everyone is probably thinking why Sheldon Brown. right? He isn't a sexy enough name? Well let me tell you. In his 12 years in the NFL he has played in all 16 games except for last year where he only played in 15. He is a savvy veteran who isn't afraid to make a tackle. He has 601 career tackles, 9 Forced Fumbles and 26 Interceptions. In 2012 he had 59 tackles, 1 sack and 3 interceptions returning 1 for a TD. Not a sexy name but the kind of veteran we need who can play a full season. I think we need to draft a CB with our with one of our mid round picks.

Felix Jones


5'8" 215 LBS

5 Seasons (all with Dal)

Everyone might remember Felix Jones as the premiere running back for the Dallas Cowboys before DeMarco Murray took the job from him. Since the emergence of Murray he has been forgotten. I remember watching him run the Wild-Cat with our very own Darren McFadden at Arkansas. In three seasons at Arkansas he was a Consensus All-American and had nearly 3000 yards rushing, 23 TDS and 4 TDS on Kick Returns. In Dallas he had a career rushing average of 5 YPC. He could be a good back to rotate in with DMC. He is NOT the long term solution but a back that is use to sharing time with DMC already and ready to step in if needed or should I say when DMC gets hurt. He can catch and when in open space can break it for a long one. Would be cheap considering he is coming off being the #2 back in Dallas. The chip on his shoulder is what Reggie is looking for. I think we need to draft a running back with our 4th or 6th round draft pick. Although this draft class has been seen as weak, I actually see this draft class as filled with a lot of potential late round talent. Lattimore from South Carolina is expected to be around until the 5th Round. Lacy from Alabama is expected to drop lower due to his hamstring issue. Franklin from UCLA is the best Running back in the draft IMO but is said to be available as early as the 3rd and 4th rounds. We stole Michael Bush in the later rounds because his injury scared people. Will Lattimore be our Michael Bush of the draft???

Kerry Rhodes


6'3" 212 LBS

8 Seasons (5 YRS W/Dal) (3 YRS W/ Ari)

This is a guy I would like to be signed for a 3 year contract. By signing him this would take the pressure off of the rookie we will more than likely sign from being forced to step in right away. He is tall and has a great vision of the field. He played in all 16 games his first 6 seasons and his 7th season only played in 7 games and his last year played in 15. Like Sheldon Brown he has a track record of not getting injured, which is the exact kind of players we need. Despite missing half the season in 2011 he has averaged 75 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 interceptions a season for his entire 8 year career. That is impressive considering his average was messed up by his injury in 2011. He is still to this day considered one of the greatest defensive players to ever grace the field at Louisville. This is what some people have had to say about him:

"He’s a very, very instinctive guy… He has the ability to make plays on the football field," says Jets’ head coach, Herman Edwards.

CBS Sports also commended the rising star by saying, "Kerry knows how to lead the way in a big game."

"Kerry Rhodes… has long arms that uncoil like skeins of yarn, good range and a photographer’s eyes," analogized New York Times’ Karen Crouse.

He would not come cheap but IMO he is the best Free Safety left. This signing would not be a temporary signing like a lot of our one year signees. He would be a player we could have around leading the team and making that big interception when we needed it the most. I think we need to draft Eric Reid with our 3rd RND pick. He is a beast. He makes plays happen and with him and Tyvon Branch in our backfield we would have a potent secondary. When we release Rolando McLain we need to make it a top priority to sign these guys with our extra money. With the exception of Kerry Rhodes, Brown and Jones are not high profile picks. They are solid players who can make a difference on the team. We need one more solid corner back to start opposite of Tracy Porter. Brown is that guy. After that I am good with our other corners filling the spots at #3,4,5. Jones splitting time with DMAC will give us a backfield of guys who can make big plays happen when given a little open space. Rhodes is a reach. I do not think we will spend the money on him but I would love for us to sign him and make him a Raider for a while. All of these players have a chip on their shoulder who are dying to show a team that they are still good.

I also would like Tyson Clabo to take over as our starting Right Tackle. He was recently released from the Atlanta Falcons and has been a premiere offensive tackle in the league.

Do any of these players interest you? Would signing any of these guys take the team to the next level? Who else is out there that is in our price range and would sign with a team who is rebuilding? Ideas...

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