Rosenthal bashes the Raiders (again).

So Gregg Rosenthal's legendary hatred for the Raiders emerges again. In his "expert" column of worst positions groups in the NFL, Rosenthal has again made it clear he thinks Oakland is the worst team in the history of man kind.

Let's see what Gregg "I hate the Raiders" Rosenthal said this time around.

First with the TE. He gives us his dubious "honorable mention". The funny thing is he makes no effort to support his claim except for the fact that we selected TE's in the 6th round. Here's the quote from

"The top four players on the Raiders' depth chart were sixth- or seven-round picks; Richard Gordon and David Ausberry are the incumbents."

Next, it's the our WR that get the absolute worst in the NFL. This one to me is mind boggling. The only thing I feel we can knock our WR core on is health. Moore missed time, Ford was out the whole season. Streater proved to be a gem in the rough, Criner can be productive and now we added Cribs and a couple of UDFA that can male an impact. Here's the quote:

Denarius Moore can be a special player, but he's so rarely 100 percent when he's on the field. He shouldn't be a No. 1 receiver at this stage of his career. The Raiders will let second-year pros Rod Streater and Juron Criner battle behind Moore, with the hope the Jacoby Ford still has something to give. This group actually is better than it was a few years ago in Oakland. There is some promise, but very little production.

Finally, he gets to the QB's. Rosenthal. He apparently sees no upside in Flynn or Wilson. And Rosenthal said:

I'd even rather see what's behind door No. 2 with Matt Flynn and Tyler Wilson in Oakland than go with known mediocrities.

I know we have been terrible for a while. But this off season has been especially frustrating in the media. I'm almost obsessed with how many people are knocking us. It's almost as if it has become the national pass time in the football world.

I am a true believer that we are headed in the right direction. How many games will we win? I don't know and honestly I don't think it matters. What will matter this year is how we win or lose. If we lose fighting for every inch (forgive the obvious movie reference), it'll mean this team and it's culture is different. By the end of the season, Rosenthal will probably still bash us, but I have a funny feeling we will be accepting his apologies soon.

Oh, and just for our enjoyment, I'm going to constantly hound Rosenthal on his columns and post anything he says about us here. Let's turn the heat on him, show him that no one messes with the Nation and gets away with it. Let's keep it civil, but lets get this punk! You with me Nation?

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