Next Year's Big Name Free Agents, with a TON of money to spend - Offense

Well, it has already been documented that The Raiders will have somewhere between $50 Million & 70 Million in cap space next year. I am just looking over the free agents for next year (via to see exactly WHO is a free agent as well as WHO we should potentially go after. I'll do the offense first, if this article gathers a lot of responses.


QB - The QB roster is set for next year. Having Matt Flynn, Tyler Wilson & Terrelle Pryor guarantees at least ONE worth starter that will start in the next 3 years. Even with Jay Cutler, Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan & Michael Vick being a free agent, there is no reason to go after any of them with a mega conract.

RB -Now, HERE is where it gets interesting. If Darren McFadden shines, then by all means, extend him with a good contract. However, if he is not, Oakland-born Maurice Jones Drew is available, and he is worth the money. Doing all that he did with Jacksonville, if our O-Line proves to be of better quality, then why not pay him and bring him back home? LeGarrette Blount will also be available, and he can be a bell-cow type backup if needed. Also, Marcel Reece is tagged as a free agent, and he will be extended for seasons to come due to his explosive nature.

WR - The Wide Receivers on the team are all mostly #2 to #3 WRs. I believe that WR will be targeted in the Draft, mostly because There are only two clear-cut #1 prime WRs available - Hakeem Nicks (who will not leave New York, trust me) and Jeremy Maclin (who will not leave Chip Kelly's fast paced Philadelphia offense.) Anquan Boldim might be available, but if he is, then that means he underperformed in San Francisco. Mike Williams (TB) is pegged as a free agent next year, however I am not sure if he is a #1 Wide Receiver - he has always been a #2 Explosive receiver in Tampa's offense.

TE - The only two names worth mentioning are Dustin Keller, Fred Davis & Jimmy Graham. I do not believe that any of these tight ends leave their teams except for Dustin Keller. However, I do not believe in spending big money on a free agent tight end - tight ends are usually best homegrown - the model that the Giants, the 49ers, and the Raiders set.

O-Line - Oakland drafted a Right Tackle. The Left Tackle is on his last year. Veldheer is an amazing talent Al Davis found. He is the best linemen on the team. He will be extended. The Guards, however, are the shakiest spot on the O-line. If Brisiel does not perform well, he will be cut. If Bergstrom or Nix do not perform well also, then we will be missing 2 massive holes in our line. There aren't really any guards out there for next year, other than Asamoah & Slauson, who will be retained by their teams. Kevin Boothe might be available, and he will be worth signing - a decent contract, nothing huge at all. Same goes for Richie Incognito & Jason Spitz. All that can be done is hoping for the Guards to really pull it together. Finally, the line is anchored with Lil Wiz at center.

Anything I missed? Comments? Questions? Ask below.

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