Film Study Play #1 Responses

The responses for the first Film Study project.

To get the materials for this Film Study, go here [link]

Chargers' active roster, offensive players

Starters :

  • 80 Floyd, WR
  • 79 Harris, LT
  • 69 Green, LG
  • 61 Hardwick, C
  • 65 Vasquez, RG
  • 66 Clary, RT
  • 85 Gates, TE
  • 81 McMichael, TE
  • 17 Rivers, QB
  • 33 L. McClain, FB
  • 30 Brown, RB

Substitutes :

  • 11 Royal, WR
  • 12 Meachem, WR
  • 15 Goodman, WR
  • 36 Brinkley, RB
  • 44 Battle, FB
  • 60 Molk, C
  • 67 Hadnot, G
  • 87 Spurlock, WR
  • 88 Rosario, TE

Raiders' active roster, defensive players :


  • 77 Shaughnessy, DE
  • 92 Seymour, DT
  • 93 Kelly, DT
  • 99 Houston, DE
  • 56 Burris, LB
  • 55 McClain, LB
  • 52 Wheeler, LB
  • 36 Spencer, CB
  • 21 Bartell, CB
  • 24 Huff, S
  • 33 Branch, S


  • 23 Hanson, CB
  • 26 Lee, CB
  • 27 Giordano, S
  • 28 P Adams, CB
  • 34 Mitchell, S
  • 50 Goethel, LB
  • 53 Ihenacho, LB
  • 57 Clayton, LB
  • 58 Tollefson, DL
  • 90 Bryant, DT
  • 96 Bilukidi, DT

Overview :

This was the game that was marred by the Jon Condo injury and the subsequent long snapping issues that led directly to several points. Overlooked in abysmal outing was the fact that the Raiders run defense performed quite well. This was likely partially due to the fact that San Diego's feature back Ryan Mathews was out and that the Chargers were featuring Curtis Brinkley and Ronnie Brown.

The final stats :

  • Brinkley : 10 rushes, 12 yards, 1.2 avg
  • Brown : 5 rushes, 5 yards, 1.0 avg
  • As a team (including WR reverses and QB scrambles) : 20 rushes, 32 yards, 1.6 avg

The Play

SD : 0, OAK : 0

Q1, 9:49

1st-and-10, SD 29

Result : Ronnie Brown run for -2 yards

The Screen Shots

Here's the full image album : [link]

Discussion Questions :

General :

(1) What's the Offensive Personnel Grouping? Formation?

(2) What's the Defensive Personnel? Formation?

(3) How many defenders are on the line of scrimmage?

(4) What's the play's intended gap?

Play Specific :

Each question is listed in the comments. If you have an answer to the question, please reply to that particular comment so that answers will naturally be grouped with the answer.

(1) Who made the tackle?

(2) How did he get to the play? What was his path to the play and how far did he have to go to get there?

(3) What do you think was the most important aspect of HIS play that allowed him to make the tackle for loss? In other words, what did HE do that was so important ?

(4) Which defenders allowed him to make the tackle?

(5) Which would you call the key matchup/play that made this is success?

(6) If the defender in (1) did NOT make the play, was there support that would have made the play anyway? If so, who?

(7) Did you notice anyone doing something "special" or very impressive?

(7a) Look at Lamar Houston and Richard Seymour. Think of them as working as a pair. What do you notice about that combination in this play? (It may help to draw in each player's path on the play)

(7b) Tommy Kelly v #69 LG Tyronne Green. Who wins this matchup? How does this affect Shaughnessy's matchup with #79 Mike Harris?

(8) Who was blocking Lamar Houston? Would you call this a mismatch?

(9) How would you characterize the defensive line's philosophy on this play? Aggressive? Read-and-react? Slanting?

(10) As the play is unfolding, Rolando McClain is about 5 yards downfield. This appears intentional. What do you suppose is the reason for this?

(11) What is Philip Wheeler's first responsibility on the play?

(12) Why does Ron Bartell line up where he does and what do his responsibilities appear to be.

(13) Look where Tyvon Branch is lined up and where Shawntae Spencer is lined up. Why do you suppose they are lined up in those positions?

(14) Where's Huff?

Handing out Grades :

Give out Letter grades from A-F or N/A. You may also use fractionated grades (eg., A+, B-, ...) if appropriate


Grade each DL in each of the following categories and give a short explanation of why :

  • Gap assignment and discipline.
  • Engaging/Disengaging (Beating) Offensive Player. You may also need to consider 2-gap control as well as Handling double team.
  • Hustle/Motivation
  • Making the Play
  • Overall






Grade each LB in each of the following categories and give a short explanation of why :

  • Recognizing/Diagnosing/Reacting to the play
  • Establishing Responsibility and Maintaining Discipline
  • Pursuit and Handling Blocks (Shedding, Avoiding)
  • Gap filling
  • Hustle/Motivation
  • Making the Play
  • Overall





Grade Ron Bartell for what he did on this play.


Grade Jason Tarver for this defensive play call.

Helmet Stickers

You have up to 3 Helmet stickers to hand out for excellence on this play. Who do you give them to?


Anything else.

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