How to Spend our $5 Mil

So to begin I want to commend the organization on a wonderful offseason thus far . I am impressed with what Reggie, Mark Davis, and DA have been able to do with what little we have had to work with. I am also not to worried about to PR firing or the implied correlation with Amy Trask stepping down as I do not know enoughabout the situation to have much of an opinion. I can only hope that it will not affect us moving forward but from what we have experienced over the past decade it just can't compare. Maybe it's the extreme lows that have me a little selfish cause I'm still not satisfied and I look forward to everyday news updates in hopes we sign some of these studs just chillin waiting to help a team out in 2013.

1) Brandon Lloyd

- one year contract $1.5 million

This just makes to much sense to me. I was hoping Reggie was waiting him out and his price to drop but I think we could've got him on the cheap early on in free agency. Now it's for sure a reality and he brings experience and talent. People question his age but last year he went just under 1000 yards in an offense with many weapons and he was used poorly. He makes us better instantly. We already have a tough decision to make on who to keep on the 53 man roster and this signing will make it tougher but that's a good problem to have.

2) John Abraham

- one year contract $2 million

This is also a no brainer to me regardless of age. Another low risk high reward player that fills a big hole in our D. I am totally on board with our D and all of our new DB's and LB's and our D line is ok but we need a pass rush and run stopper. Abraham is a stud and brings veteran leadership and immediately improves the guys we have. I don't understand how he's still available unless his price is to high but I think we have to be past that issue at this stage of the offseason.

3) Sedrick Ellis

- one year $1.5 million

Another obvious position that we can upgrade. We definitely haven't filled the shoes of Seymour, Kelly, or Bryant and I don't think this guy will plug the hole but it's a great start. He should come cheap and gives him motivation to start fresh and prove himself. That initiative combined with our new mentality in the locker room can be a recipe for success. If nothing else he elevates the competition at DT. I believe he'll contribute more than a couple of the guys we have and we could use some depth at DT.

4) Sione Po'uha

-one year contract $1.5 million

This guy is similar to Ellis and I wouldn't be upset with either signing. I just can't for the life of me figure out why we would'nt bring in more competition at DT now that we lost so much talent and only drafted Mcgee. This should be a top priorty IMO.

5) Israel Idonije

-one year contract $1.5 million

Another beast from Chicago which may be a good reason to go after him now that we have Nick Roach steppin up in a leadership role. He is still putting up good numbers and I'd welcome him about as much as Abraham but I kinda lean towards Abraham. Idonije is another guy I don't quite get how he's still out there but I like that name in silver and black.

6)Kyle Vanden Bosch

-one year contract $1.5 million

Another stud I could see suited up for us. Age is creepin up on him to but he's still got some left in the tank and like Abraham brings that veteran leadership eith a vast skillset.

7) Casey Hampton

-one year contract $1 million

I can't understand why Pittsburgh let this dude go just as Atl n Abraham or Det and Vanden Bosch. He is still producing and his presence would improve our D. We can also get him for a low price with his potential high, making it a good risk.

8) Kellen Winslow Jr.

- one year contract $1.5 million contract

I know this guy has had attitude/ego issues in the past but with a little guidance and structure I think he could do big things for us. He'd elevate the competition at TE and would have to shape up or lose out to a younger guy so no excuses just go get after it. I like his chances to produce and become a big target for whoever we unleash at QB.

9) Bart Scott

- one year contract $1.5 million

I can't help but put Bart on my wish list. I think he has another year in him and he'd be a great presence for our seemingly deepest position. That's why he is low on my needs list but again we can get him cheap and he's a dangerous dude with a chip on his shoulders and he might just sign for the minimum.

Obviously I'm not saying I want all of these guys as it would be to costly but a combination of a few of them would be nice. We could benefit greatly from a few simple signings to cap off the amazing job our staff has done already. Anyways I see no reason to hold out on this for a mid-season pickup or carry those funds over to next season. I really need to seee Lloyd signed before it's too late. I feel at least one if not two defensive lineman are necessary additions we need to make before we get this season under way. I may be off on my figures on pay scale or maybe a little wishfiul thinking but lemme know what you think might bemore realistic. Anybody else share these desires? Or have any to add?

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