My thoughts on our present QB situation ...

There's a few things I wanna say about McGloin first ...

I remember a very similar start to a particular QB's career, both in training camp, and in his first few PS games. I swear to dog, I was at the first PS game that the guy ever played, and I came away from that game SOOO impressed by the guy. He was polished, extremely poised, good command of the huddle, threw a nice ball, the whole nine yards. That dude's name ... was Andrew Walter ... and he truly looked like he might be something great.

Most of us probably remember what happened later. Some injuries to other QB's ensued and he was thrown to the wolves behind a very suspect line and w/o a great deal of talent around him (including a soul-sucking Randy Moss if my memory serves) , he got sacked a TON, injured, and washed out of the league within a few years.

All I'm saying here is that you really can't judge too much from preseason when it comes to rookie third-string QB's playing against scrub defenses. I know we're all stoked on the kid, esp. since he didn't even cost us a draft pick, but I think we fans need to keep our expectations of McLovin realistic. I also really hope the coaches won't have to bring him along too fast like we were forced to do w/Walter. I think Walter actually had the talent to be a good QB in this league, had he been brought along by competent coaches and not been rushed into action before he was ready.

I think we *might* have something with Matt, and nothing would please me more than being one of the only team in recent memory to find a UDFA QB who can start and win a bunch of games, that would be an awesome FU to the doubters. But I don't want to see him start this year. I want this year to be about Flynn and Pryor, deciding which of the two will be 'our guy'.

Let me also say: I have zero issues w/the idea of Flynn as being our long-term solution at QB, rather than just a stopgap. He's, what, 28, right? Fairly young in QB years (it's typically the start of a QB's 'prime'), especially considering how little punishment the guys body has taken since he's been in the NFL. He's also been brought along and tutored by Aaron Rodgers and the GB coaching staff, who seem to be pretty good at grooming QB's judging from recent history.

He should be given a chance, but we should also keep Al's last pick Terrelle Pryor around this season, let him learn, design packages for him, and have him run a couple series each game this season. Ease him into the game, and show the Nation (and league) what he's got.

If he turns out to look better than Flynn this year, then next year, we cut Flynn and install TP as anointed starter. Otherwise, if Flynn remains more impressive, we look to get something for TP in trade ... if he looks decent out there in his limited action, somebody may very well be willing to give up a draft pick to get him.

I wouldn't want to try to drag that dual-QB scenario out for 2nd year though, as it's really not fair to either. Plus, it'll be a little gimmicky, teams will eventually gameplan around it and it'll probably stop working anyway. Lastly, it will likely only invite a nasty QB controversy (look at how it already is around S&BP ffs) that this team really doesn't need. In fact that alone might make it difficult to maintain for even a season, esp. if Pryor regularly ignites the offense in a way that Flynn doesn't.

What I really hope to NOT see though is injuries to these two front-runners such that McGloin is forced into NFL action before he's really ready like Walter was. I think it's pretty likely that either Flynn or Pryor is going to turn out to look like a viable long-term solution, which should mean a nice amount of grooming time in practice for McGloin (and Wilson) as the season goes along.

Which is to say, I believe that after (or late in) this season, we'll need to have 'decided' between Flynn and Pryor, jettison the one who didn't 'win', and then we'll have MM & TW both sitting there, poised to take the two backup slots. As such, I really don't wanna let any of these 4 guys get away this year, because I believe that with this crop of 4, we quite likely may have our 1, 2 & 3 settled for years to come. No need to risk draft picks on QB's for years sounds really ideal to me.

Anyways, I think we're in a really ideal QB situation right now, honestly ... can't remember being excited to see all 4 preseason QB's play ball in each game. At LEAST ONE of these 4 guys is going to be the long-term solution for us, I can just feel it. It's our turn to have a Manning/Brady/Brees for once. Been way too long for this organization since our QB situation was truly settled. That's a huge reason we've had such a crappy last 10 years IMHO.

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