Breaking Down Pryor at New Orleans

I'm doing Pryor because I don't have the game footage available to me and his limited amount of playing time allowed me to remember most of the plays he was involved in. (Flynn was in for the first half, and I don't recall when a play was a drop or incomplete pass- with no game footage I can't look either).


Pass 1- Completion- erased by N.O. penalty
Pass 2- Incomplete, dropped by Butler
Drive ended
Pass 3- Incomplete on 3rd and 14 on short pass to RB
Drive ended
Pass 4- Completed for 9 yards
Pass 5- " An aborted play on a bad pass from center, T.Pryor recovered the ball behind the 20 yardline and passed out of the endzone."
Pass 6- Called intentional grounding on 3rd and 17 on a screen play that was covered

He had 6 total passes- 1 caught, 1 caught but nullified by a N.O. penalty, 1 caught and dropped, 1 incorrectly called an intentional grounding when it should have simply been an incomplete pass on a failed screen, 1 botched play from a poor snap that resulted in a throw away, and 1 short pass incomplete on 3rd and 14.

It should be noted his decision to throw it away on the botched snap was short and nearly resulted in an interception- poor decision there, should have simply fell on the ball.


Now, when the player "scrambles" it was not a QB designed running play. Scramble came up 3 times (8 yards, 3 yards, 7 yards TD nullified penalty). Sacked once (-7 yards).
We have QB designed run plays. 2 of those, one for 3 yds another for 1 yard, both on the first drive.

Everything else was RB runs (5 runs for 9 yards, longest run was 8 yards- the 4 other runs gained a total 1 yard)


That summarizes all 12 plays Pryor had been involved in.
33% of the time the play completely broke down forcing movement from the QB, of that 75% of the time he scrambled for positive yards while 25% he got sacked.
50% of the time it was a passing play, where he completed passes 33%, had passes go incomplete 33%, had passes dropped 17%, and had a botched snap 17%.
17% of the time it was a QB designed run play where he picked up short yards 100% of the time.

Another 5 plays involved running backs. That's 17 plays, with 2 being nullified by penalties. There were 5 total penalties on the drive, 1 involving an intention grounding on Pryor (though it was incorrectly called). 1 was a holding call on the Oline, 2 were false starts, and 1 was an offsides on N.O.

So the stats from that read:

Pryor- Passing 2/6 for 13 yards (-4 yards for N.O. penalty)

Rushing- 3 scrambles for 18 yards (-7 yard TD run for holding)

1 sack for -7 yards

Designed QB run- 2 for 4 yards

RB rushing- 5 for 9 yards, longest run 8 yards

4 OAK penalties- -10 yards for 2 false starts, -10 yards for holding, -11 yards for intentional grounding

Total gained- 35 Pryor, 9 RB's, overall 44 yards

Lost yards- penalties -31, sack -7, overall -38 yards

Net gain- 6 yards

That's right, if you look at the total yards we lost against the total yards we gained, we came out +6 yards overall for that third quarter Pryor was in. If we take out that bad intentional grounding call, that's still only +17 total yards net gained the entire quarter. How much of that was Pryor's fault? It's hard to say. It's obvious that the run game couldn't do anything. It's also obvious there wasn't much of any offensive line, but you didn't need the stats to tell you that. Just watching the game we all know there was no oline help. He was only sacked once, but overall it seems this is simply too small a sample size to accurately gauge whether Pryor did a bad as we might think. One botched pass significantly diminishes his overall stats as you can see by the percentages.

I think in order to make any claim for or against Pryor, we simply need to see more of him.

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