Thoughts from New Orleans and How do we replace Veldheer?

Hello All!

First things first, I Live in New Orleans and was at the game last night, about 20 rows up plaza level behind the Raiders bench, and I can confirm it was even uglier live, but I grit my teeth, and cheered for the five or six positive plays we made, (mostly when the twos were playing the twos). It's hard to stay positive when you see the Saints drop 17 on you in the first quarter, and also rack up 5 sacks on Flynn in the process. Here's another news flash Raider Nation, that Saints first team defense was also without 4 of thier starters, sheesh! I think @levidamien had it right when he said things are looking bleak.

I don't know where that two minute touchdown came from, but I literately turned to the Saints fan next to me and said, "I don't know who just scored that touchdown, because there is no way on earth that's the same offense that was out here earlier." My doubts were later confirmed when I learned the only reason Flynn and that two minute touchdown looked so nice, is because the Saints decided to only have a three man rush, so Flynn actually had more than two seconds to make a decision.

I saw a few other Raiders fans, many of whom were dressed up, shared the pain, made alot of "oh well" faces, took a deep breath and tried to remember that hated word "rebuilding," fantasizing about how much money we'll have to spend next season, and wondering if Clowney would really even make a difference. Truth is, outside of our kicking game and a few other exceptions, we have an entire team made up of, at best, second stringers, the mostly glaring of which being the QB position.Our DL had absolutely zero push, our LBs and secondary got gashed in the run and passing game, and Porter, oh my god, Porter, I don't know if it's his groin that's hurt as much as his ego, Saints just put the "!" on why he is no longer a Saint.

I don't know if we have an injury bug, because to me it's more like an injury goat, because it's "baaaaahhhhdddddd." The most important and obvious of which, cough cough 5 sacks, is the absence and loss of Mr. Jared Veldheer. I have composed the following list from of current available tackles (and I'm not even sure how many on this list are specifically left tackles) and while I don't know alot about any of these guys, maybe you do, please give any thoughts/insights you may have Thanks!

Player Most Recent Team

Jordan Black WAS

Jared Gaither SD

Kevin Haslam NE

Wayne Hunter STL

Zach Hurd OAK

Winston Justice IND

Dennis Landolt NYJ

Sean Locklear NYG

Frank Omiyale SEA

Matt Reynolds PHI

Will Robinson NO

Chris Scott BUF

Aderious Simmons DAL

Jason Slowey OAK

Mike Tepper KC

Reggie Wells SD

Travelle Wharton CIN

I realize we could wait till after final cuts are made from the other 31 teams, but is there anyone viable here?

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