What's your 53?

For fun I thought we could all post what OUR PERSONAL 53 would be. Not what we think it WILL be, but what we think it SHOULD be.

So with that said, here's mine, i dub it "Might as well see what the kids can do"


QB: Pryor (Starter) Mcgloin, Wilson

I was a big fan of the Flynn trade but he's done nothing to really cement himself as a legit starter. While i don't think TP2 is a franchise QB, at least the team will be watchable. Scheming for Flynn must be pretty easy when you can get to him without blitzing.

RB: D-Mac, Jennings, Murray

Hard to keep Jeremy Stewart off here, I thought he had a pretty good preseason and played some fantastic ST. I just can't see Murray going on the PS.

FB: Reece, Olawale

I'm a big "1 FB, 4 TE" guy but Olawale really stood out in the preseason and can help rest Reece. Surprisingly fast and good hands.

WR: Streater, Moore, Criner, Butler, Jenkins, Vernon

Ford is a lousy receiver, i'm sorry. Add to this the fact he's constantly injured and i don't see why you honestly bother keeping him on. Jenkins has a lot of potential, tho i'd use him mostly as a KR/PR his first year. Vernon is a sure-handed, solid route runner. If it was up to me we'd trade Moore, who makes more mistakes than plays.

TE: Kasa, Rivera, Leonhardt

In a year where we're honestly not going to do much why not just go with the young guys? All three flashed solid potential.

LT: Watson, Barron, Veldheer (IR)

Again, might as well get the youth movement rolling. Watson should be on the right side next year but at this point just get him on the field and see what he can do. Barron backs up both spots.

LG: Bergstrom

Please lord, let someone with talent be cut and RM pick him up.

C: Wiz, Gurode

Not much to say here. Gurode backs up both G and C.

RG: Nix, Brisiel

Brisiel sucks but i can't see them cutting that contract. Both G spots need a solid infusion of talent.

RT: Barnes

There's always next year!


RE: Houston, Bass

Old man Carter hasn't really shown anything and I think Bass is better as a pass rushing specialist

DT: Walker, Sims, Bilukidi, Mcgee


LE: Hunter, Robinson

Crawford sucks. He had a anomaly of a good game against the Saints and then went back to being invisible against the Bears. Robinson has flashed potential every game and has been the only player on D to get to the QB.

WLB: Burnett, Maiava

It's kind of bizarre Maiava makes the team despite being hurt the whole time AND arrested in the preseason but that's more for less of better options. Wouldn't shock me if they snagged someone at cuts for here considering how badly Burnett's played.

MLB: Roach, Burris (IR), Gaither

Burris will be finally put on the IR in no time

SLB: Moore, Thomas

Thomas is here because of his familiarity with Tarver and the fact this team is definitely turning into a 3-4 sooner than later.

CB: Hayden, Adams, Hanson, Jones, Casey

Jenkins and Porter are both terrible. Jones is here more for his ST play while Casey has some nice potential.

FS: Woodson, Young


SS: Branch, Ross

Ross is a really versatile player who can play either safety position or CB in a pinch. RM and DA love those guys. I'm a big Ross fan.

Special Teams

Kicker: Seabass

What's there to say?

Punter: King

Going with my overall theme...

Holder: Condo

This surprised you, i know.

There it is, folks. What's yours?

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