The sky is falling...........

Oh shut up. Ive been a long time reader and sometimes poster on here and the talk these last few weeks has motivated me to write this post.

To start yes Pryor should start the regular season for us. Hes earned it and Flynn hasnt shown anything but please stop with the potential talk. We have gone years with the keep this guy or next guy because he has potential. Hell Jbustice had "potential" is that what we need?? Hell No we need people that can go out and produce and thats what Pryor is doing right now.

For the " we shouldnt have gotten rid of Hugh or we need a experienced HC" you need to remember that any HC out there has FAILED somewhere thats why they are unemployed. As for Hugh he had 6 games and only needed 2 wins to get in the playoffs and guess what HE BLEW IT. "Oh it was the defense not hugh" Once again your the head couch you had 6 games to get shit right and you failed...a good OC yeah but more involved with his irish coffee and mani pedis then being a real HC.

Lets go to the RM DA argument now. Yeah we went 8-8 for 2 straight seasons then 4-12 but guess what we did need to clean house. This year alone we are roughly spending 60 million in dead cap space. For some that cant grasp that imagine any of the top teams with 40-50% of there team gone cause they cant pay them. Thats what we are up against right now. Not saying RM and DA are the answer but lets give them a level playing field before we drop the ax on them shall we?

Last point and the one that pisses me off the most. "Lets go out and spend for x y z (name your player)". This is what got us in this position in the first place. The high priced fixes that didnt work helped us get the 60 mil in dead cap space and what has it gotten us??? Not a damn thing. It harkens back to the days of AD (RIP) and the quick fix and that isnt how a strong team is made.

This year is going to be tough. Yeah we will get better but we need to be patient and level the field. This year we look at the potential but we keep the players and pay them if they show it on the field.

I love this blog and I know people want to pimp their own players but i think alot of people have lost the main point. Im going on record now saying im pimping the OAKLAND RAIDERS no matter who is playing or how good they are doing cause when it comes down to it thats who we should be rooting for. Not Pryor or Flynn or King or Kluwe but the whole team. Dont care who they field as long as they are trying 100% and are the best choice we have.


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