Raiders preseason week 4 Ballers & Busters: Part two

Otto Greule Jr

The second part of this week's Ballers & Busters in which we pinpoint the Busters.

With the Ballers catalogued, we move to the Busters...


Kaelin Burnett

I actually have Kaelin making this team this year. He was called up to the roster last season and now with his brother on the team, it stands to reason he will be here too. Burnett does play well on special teams but you were to base his roster status on his defense, he'd be long gone.

Kaelin came into the game for the Seahawks' third drive which went into the second quarter. He immediately was abused by the Seahawks' second team offense. First he was blocked on a first down run on fourth and 1. The next play he gave up a 7-yard catch. Two plays after that, Tarvaris Jackson made him look downright silly when he juked him, breaking his ankles (figuratively) and ran for nine yards. The following drive, he gave up a 16-yard catch to put the Seahawks in scoring position and they eventually kicked the field goal.

On the Seahawks' second drive of the third quarter, he was blocked to allow a 6-yard run, and a 3-yard first down run. Later in the drive, David Bass looked to have a sack on third and one but Kaelin was called for holding. A perfect example of stats not telling the whole story - he was second on the team with 6 solo tackles.

Terrelle Pryor

If you were to turn on this game at the 7 minute mark of the first quarter and watched six plays, you would have stepped away from this game thinking "Wow, he had a really good game." In those six plays, he went 2 for 3 for 28 yards and had a titillating 25-yard run. Unfortunately for Pryor, the rest of his half of football told a very different story.

Here's how Pryor's day went outside of those six plays: First drive featured his only other completion. It was a jump pass tipped at the line but saved by a nice one-handed grab for a 3-yard reception. The series ended with a pass defended for three and out. Second drive - following the aforementioned six plays - he threw behind his receiver incomplete, had his only on-target drop courtesy of Denarius Moore, and held onto the ball too long for a sack. The once promising drive ended in a field goal. Third series was one play - Pryor badly underthrown ball intended for Jacoby Ford, who had his man beat, and it was intercepted. Fourth drive began with two nice runs by Rashad Jennings of 9 and 32 yards to put the Raiders instantly in scoring position. Pryor added a 17-yard run of his own but that's where it ended. He kept the ball on a read-option which the Seahawks had dead to rights before he snapped the ball resulting in a sack and a 5-yard loss. He finished it off with a 6-yard run on third and 13 to end the drive and Pryor's day. He finished 3 for 8 with 31 yards passing, and 1 interception for a 9.9 passer rating.

Nick Roach

Most times, you expect the middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense to have a lot of tackles. Often times, he is the team's leading tackler. In this game, Roach has one tackle. He is not a very big linebacker and in this game he looked even smaller. The Seahawks routinely were able to hit the tight end easily which partially falls on the middle linebacker. Roach personally was late in coverage to give up a 7-yard catch. He also was mowed right over on the Seahawks first touchdown. He met the running back at the one yard line and was easily pushed into the endzone.

Denarius Moore

He is supposed to be the number one receiver on this team and yet he has disappearing acts like this. He was targeted three times in this game with zero catches. The first one, he had difficulty breaking the press, the second was off-target behind him, and the third he simply dropped right off his hands.

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