Draft Picks and Expectations

There is no doubt in my mind that I am extremely excited about this upcoming season. From preseason, to the off-season, I am an avid football fan from beginning to the end, observing wins and losses a like, as well as looking over potential free agents and potential star players.

However, there are some things in this offseason that just big any NFL fan, and that is when expectations are not meeting the reality, especially in the first year (obviously after that it can be understandable in a way).

Lets start out with our draft picks.

DJ Hayden was selected 12th overall, while Star and Floyd were available. This has been creating some controversy here before they even had taken a snap in the NFL. We are already creating our expectations, while some choose to sit back and see what happens. I want you guys to step back, and take note of this.

Revis and Patterson did not have very good rookie years. So what should we really expect from Hayden? Should we peg him as the best CB in the draft without seeing a snap from him? Should we expect him to be the best CB in the draft, and thus only trust the scouting reports as they are (for they have never been wrong before right?)? I it possible that the impacts of Floyd and Star on one team, could be different on another team?Is it possible that hayden, Floyd, and Star will not be good their first year?

Sio Moore says he is the best LB in the draft. Not OLB, LB. Should we expect him to be that way? Should we expect him to be an immediate impact? Burris had some great tape, and his only knock really was his pass coverage. Yet he only produced average on our team. Is Watson our next best RT all of a sudden, though he hasn't even taken a rep in training camp? Bass is supposed to be a very good pass rusher for us? Conner Vernon the next Davone Bess or Wes Welker based on some camps?

At one point does expectations control our perceptions on players. What I mean is, you expect DJ Hayden to be really good out of the gate, but because he is not, the sky is falling, and you think the Raiders whiffed on a draft pick, all the while you point to Star or Floyd and compare. CBs are groomed differently from DL. Each team has their own coaches who coach and help these players (if we have a bad secondary coach, and Vikings have a great DL coach, who is to say that Hayden will actually do real good compared to Floyd?).

We have rookies. These guys, more than likely, will not be bonafide players right out of the gate. Is it fine to say "I think this rookie will do really good?" Yes it is, but keep some perspective here, because at the same time, rookies don't often make immediate impacts, and this is something you need to remind yourselves.

In other words, manage your expectations. Because often we think next year is the year, and often that does not happen. It could change this year. Maybe. But I'm in the mindset that we are still a team rebuilding and trying to break free from our shells. And I'm not sure that this year is the year for that to happen.

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