This is comical

Upon reading the comments of the Buster's list this week, I believe most of our attentions could be understandably directed between two subjects:

1) Pryor is not a buster

2) Levi is an "idiot"

Now, admittingly, I think Levi is one of the most objective writers I have read, but at this point I really do not care what to think about this now. I used to think that people are just being overreactive idiots who are bashing a writer for someone that they hold on the pedestal that could have only be constructed by the very creator of time and space him/herself. And if you can't appreciate good exaggeration, than you are already a lost cause here.

Now? I'm in the territory of "FUCK IT! WHO THE FUCK CARES!" mode. It's the same mode I was in regarding Tebow when he was on the Pats. Oh you guys can only imagine. Once they signed him, a couple people sign up on our blog, and all of a sudden they post up cherry picked statistics and reasonings to support the one and holy QB named Tebus (I mean Tebow). And when Tebow sucked game after game, they went away. Let me clarify actually.... they made up as much excuses as they could, and when he was CUT from the team, they went away. Probably to indulge in some scooby snacks wondering who the next team will be to pick him up. I last heard the UFL team owned by Kiss was interested... but I can't be sure.

But it was late during this time I was in the FIWTFC (FuckItWhoTheFuckCares) mode, and I just cruised along. That's where I am at now.

Haters and believers? Fuck it. Everyone loves this team, watch every game, root for them to win, and anyone who wants to complain about the same old topic of Pryor, DA, or whoever can just have their words disappear into the fog, because I will just ignore them to my hearts content because: We have them here, and they won't go away for a while now. Which brings me to my next thought.

Pryor is the central character here. The star in which everyone in the audience will interpret beyond belief. If Pryor is on the buster's list and you heavily disagree with it, FUCK IT. I won't indulge here, because buster or not, he is our QB this season, and I am happy to watch him play until he starts reminding me of the previous player who wore that same number.

If Pryor is on the baller's list, fine. Whatever. I hope he has a great performance because of it. Did we win? If no, then moving on to next week. If yes? Fuggin' awesome!!!

However, when Levi puts him on the buster's list, there is almost a 90% certainty that someone who has waving the Pryor flag all year will jump and call Levi an idiot or something. Why? Because his interpretation of what he saw is different from yours.

And you know what? I know that this is what a football blog is all about. People arguing points against each other. But you mean to tell me that Pryor is no longer a controversial figure among here? Give me a fucking break! When it comes to Pryor there is NEVER a solved argument. EVER. So why even bother here?

Again, it's just like Tebow. JUST LIKE TEBOW. A controversy. A guy whose fans are split from Pryor fans, to non-pryor fans (these being defined as someone who can agree with negative scrutiny, of Pryor). ANd you see this definition I gave for in parenthesis, I know for a FACT that someone will say "Well if Pryor has some negative plays, I will acknowledge them." Know why? Because TEBOW people have said the same things.

I already know the drill here. So when it comes to Pryor, i really just don't care anymore. He is our QB, and I am rooting for him to do great things. I will give my comments on how he does, but if I am to be pulled into a Pryor argument, I'm just going to say "Whatever you say" and move on. I'm not going to feel like I lost any argument, because there was no argument to begin with. Not really. Pryor is a controversial player right now, and no matter what anyone says, there will be arguments that can go either way from different perspectives, and people will defend these perspectives at all times.

So yeah. I'm just on cruise control now. So whatever happens happens. I just want the team to win games, and that's it.

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