"Future of the Franchise" Trent Murphy, DE, Stanford



Once again, by looking at some of the comments, I will be changing the name of this particular segment. last time I did first round prospect OG Cyril Richardson,(here is the link, I titled that post, "A Diamond in the Rough", some of you didn't think that was appropriate since Richardson was a first round prospect. I thought it over and you guys are right. From now all first and second round projected prospects will be under this new segment called "Future of the Franchise" I will also be doing another segment focusing on players projected rounds 3, 4 and 5. This segment will be called "Mid-Round Ballers" and finally my prospects for 6-UDFAs will still be called "A Diamond in the Rough". Just so you guys know that if the Fanpost is by Assassin32, it is 100% likely that the post will be about NFL Prospect analysis. Anyway, lets get this show on the road with our first pass rushing DE

Trent Murphy

DE, Stanford

Height: 6'6

Weight: 261

Class: Senior

Conference: Pac- 12

Tackles: 98

Sacks: 19.5

Tackles for loss: 29

Interceptions: 1

passes deflected: 5

Touchdowns: 1

projected 40: 4.80

Projected Round: 1

Position Rank: 2

Jadaveon who? To be quite honest with you guys, I believe Trent Murphy is best defender in the draft. Now hold up hold up! don't X out of this page yet. With all of my posts, I give detailed analysis of the bio, stats, and scouting reporting as well as giving you guys sweet little highlight videos to watch at the end. Just hear me out and I will prove to you that Trent Murphy is, if not, easily one of the best pass rushers in college football.

Trent Murphy is a interesting prospect, he is such a great pass rusher, that they line him up in many different formations and positions. throughout his career at Stanford, Murphy has switched back and fourth between OLB, and DE but with his size at 6'6 and 261 pounds with a projected 40 time of 4.8 seconds he is too big and just barely quick enough to play OLB. However, he has the perfect size and speed to play DE in the NFL. If you don't believe me, listen to "The Broad-Shouldered athlete may project best as a defensive- end due to his 6'6 height, he may need to add on 15-20 pounds but he has great technique and would probably do better as a 4-3 defensive end than a stand-up 3-4 linebacker. Either way, Trent Murphy is very versatile and will be seen as a first round pick"

hmmm versatility?? sounds familiar huh? that's exactly what DA and Jason Tarver are looking for on defense. It was one of the main reasons why we drafted Sio Moore. and now Murphy has shown versatility as well with a preference as a DE. Also, Murphy is from Stanford so that means that Tarver has some chemistry with this kid. Is this a match made in heaven or what? That is for you guys to decide. Anyway lets get down to those sweet stats, bio, and scouting reports and for some of you guy who think that he isn't worthy of a Raider selection because of his OLB experience, just to let you know, he was recruited out of high school as a DE.

Murphy first came on the scene as a sophomore in 2010, where he only played two games as a defensive end and ended up with two solo tackles on the year. In 2011 was a different story he played all 13 as a OLB where he recorded 40 tackles, including 6.5 sacks among 10 tackles for loss.

In his fourth year as a senior in 2012, this was the year that put him on the map as one of the better pass rushers in college football. Murphy was constantly being switched back and fourth from OLB to DE but that did not hurt Murphy's productivity as he had his best year where he led team with 10.0 sacks, and 18.0 tackles for loss with 56 Tackles on the year along with a 40 yard Touchdown interception against the Washington Huskies. Murphy was named All-America third team, All-Pac-12 first team , and was a Dick Butkus Semi-Finalist. Murphy also was a recipient for the Jack Huston Award for exceptional performance and unheralded efforts.

Now Murphy is a fifth year Senior and has already started off his college year with already two sacks, 3 tackles for loss, and 8 total tackles. He is not the Team Captain for Stanford and is on the watch list for many awards such as the Bednarik Award, Bronko Nagurski Award, Butkus Award, and the Rotary Lombardi Award. Unlike Clowney, who is more one-dimensional (you can debate this if you want) Trent has shown productivity in both OLB and DE and has shown he can be a valuable asset anywhere on the defense.

Here is the scouting report by Philip Arnold from "Murphy is your traditional 3-4 OLB/ 4-3 DE. During the game against Washington,he played 32 snaps at the DE position.

Against the run: Murphy shows good strength at the point of attack to control blockers. He uses good leverage to punch, extended and then shed blockers once they’re off balance. Once he is engaged with the linemen, he uses his hands to shed and throw. Though Murphy is able to control blockers and shed quickly, he rarely gets a push and makes a few plays passed the line of scrimmage, instead of the backfield. On counter plays, Murphy does a good job of coming flat down the backs of the OL and keeping contain, forcing the ball carrier to bounce back inside.

pass Rush: Murphy’s best success as a pass rusher comes with his speed rush. He has great instincts and can beat the Tackle on the the outside. He comes quick off the ball and uses his speed and strength to push defenders back"

these highlights will show him lined up as both DE and OLB

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