State of team, moving fwd in FA and draft

Mark Davis is offering coaches whose contracts are about to run out including Tarver and according to PFT Olson 1 year extensions.

Dennis Allen is in win now or you are fired mode. Many of the teams players were in similar circumstances. Desperate times indeed and honestly after the lack of production from the last 2 drafts Reggie McKenzie should be feeling the heat as well.

This is not a good thing, especially for whomever is deemed worthy to be the most important player on the field, the Quarterback.

For one it means that Reggie and DA have to find a franchise QB or they are gone. Having that pressure on them to hit on the pick at QB in the draft or FA could lead to a desperate pick and a reach. They cannot settle for a QB like Carr or Bortles just because the need a QB. If Clowney is there they gotta snag him.

Now maybe those two will be the best QBs from this draft, who knows, I just fear the judgement of them will be swayed by desperation to stay employed.

And not just at QB, all over with so much money to spend, they cannot waste it on old vets just to make an big impact now rather than sign players that can be around in year 4 when the team conceivedly could be in the playoff mix.

All that said, two names I would like to see the Raiders go after.

1. Alex Mack - Center - Browns.

Wiz is a terrible shotgun snapper, the worst I have ever seen really. Go after Mack, hard, slide Wiz to left guard, and run behind Veldheer and him.

2. Cutler - Qb - Bears

He will probably stay, but at least that is a QB that immediately makes the Raiders a legit threat.

Then Draft BPA (Clowney, Barr, Matthews) @ #5 and go after AJ McCarron in 2nd. He would look great behind a line of Matthews, Velheer, Wiz, Mack, and Barnes at RG.

It really is a shame FA (March 8) is before the draft but being that as it is, Cutler will likely be gone and then it will come down to the draft.

After the Tyler Wilson/Matt Flynn debacle I personally am not holding my breath for a result I will be happy about, based on draft position.

Manziel and Bridgewater will be gone by #5. That leaves Bortles and Carr and maybe Hundley who is Pryor with better mechanics. I would hope rather than reach for guys like Bortles and Carr who didn't "wow" vs legit competition, they take the BPA which could be Clowney if other QB desperate teams reach. Bortles can hit wide open receivers but I don't see NFL accuracy to fit balls into the tight windows of the NFL.

In round 2 an athetic Boyd or McCarron could be the answer. McCarron is poised, accurate, good enough arm, and is an legit winner from the SEC.

Whatever the Raiders decide, with all of that money to spend, and yet another top pick, it's win or go home DA and Reggie.

Better not reach and miss.

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