2014 Mock draft with trades

For this Mock draft i'm going to mock the draft until the Raiders pick. Then i'll mock the Raiders 2nd, 3rd and 4th round selections.

1st Round

1. Houston Texans select..... Teddy Bridgewater QB, louisville. A very talented Houston Texans team somehow found their way to the first pick in the draft. With real issues at the quarterback position the Texans take the most talented QB in the draft. With a QB in place the Texans can make a quick turnaround.

2. TRADE. Atlanta Falcons select... Jadeveon Clowney DE, South Carolina. The Falcons arnt shy about trading up to get a player they want, and with the Rams they find the perfect trade partner. Fearing the jaguars would take Clowney, the Falcons make the leap and jump to the #2 spot to add an extreme talent to their weak pass rush.

3.Jacksonville Jaguars select.....Blake Bortles QB, UCF. After the Blaine Gabbert experiment failed the Jaguars decide to take a chance on Blake Bortles. With alot of upside Bortles heads to Jacksonville where he will have plenty of weapons to work with that include Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon and Marcedes Lewis.

4. Cleveland Browns select ..... Johnny Manziel QB, Texas A&M. Also known as "Johnny Football", the Browns get their guy and the QB that has the most upside in the entire draft. Even though Johnny has a small frame, he has the undeniable "IT" factor. He can make something out of nothing and has greatly improved as a passer.

5. TRADE. Buffalo Bills select...... Jake Mathews OT, Texas A&M. The Bills gave up 48 sacks this year which is 4th most in the NFL. Jumping in front of the Rams they select the safest player in the draft. Mathews is going to protect the blindside of their young QB E.J. Manuel and should be the anchor of that Oline for years to come. They swap 1st with the Raiders, and send their 2nd and 4th to Oakland.

6. St. Louis Rams select.... Sammy Watkins WR, Clemson. With the Rams defense playing well they decide to finally give Same Bradford a weapon to play with. Sammy Watkins is the best WR in this draft and will be a dream come true for Bradford. Watkins is this years julio jones/ AJ green.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select..... Anthony Barr LB, UCLA. New coach Lovie smith decides to add a little more talent to an already talented Tampa bay defense. Tampa has a good secondary that includes Darrele Revis, and a good Dline that includes Gerald McCoy. Anthony Barr is the perfect compliment to help the Tampa Bay defense jump to elite status.

8. Minnesota Vikings select...... Derek Carr QB, Fresno state. I don't think there's a team that needs a QB more than the Vikings. Nuff said

9. Oakland Raiders select....... Khalil Mack LB, Buffalo. The Raiders get the pass rusher they so desperately need with Mack. Mack in my opinion is the second most talented pass rusher in the draft behind only Jadeveon Clowney, but Khalil doesnt come with the baggage or motivation issues that Clowney brings. With Khalil Mack, Sio Moore and Nick Roach the Raiders would have a great, young and talented linebacker corpse to build around.

2nd Round

36. Oakland Raiders select.....Cyril Richardson OG, Baylor. The Raiders get one of the most Talented Guards in the draft and fix one of the biggest holes on the roster.

41. Oakland Raiders select...... Aaron Donald DT, Pittsburgh. Assassin32 made a "Diamond in the Rough" fanpost about Donald and he instantly became one of my favorite DTs in the draft. If you havnt read it yet, go check it out.

3rd round: Oakland Raiders select.....Bishop Sankey RB, Washington. With Darren McFadden heading out the door the Raiders select his replacement.

4th round: Oakland Raiders select..... Jackson Jeffcoat DE, Texas. whichever team picks Mr. Jeffcoat is going to be very happy. If you haven't seen him play yet i suggest you do.

(From Buffalo bills) Oakland Raiders select..... Jimmy Garopollo QB, Eastern Illinois. The Raiders bring in a QB to compete with Pryor and McGloin.

Tell me what you think.

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