My Official Argument Against Excessive/Hyporbole Criticsm of Reggie McKenzie and Others as The Raiders Build This Team During the Offseason

As a Raider fan, who wants to root for anyone in the organization that is working towards its success, I am getting tired of some of the thoughtless trash talk that wastes space on this (and all NFL boards). SINCE there is a long and exciting off-season ahead of us, I had to try to make this post "official"!

Part of the reason that I believe that McKenzie deserves trust from EVERY FAN, is because I think don't think he is an arrogant leader who crony-ed his way into this position. We have heard that Mark Davis listened to the likes of John Madden and others to find the right GM. "McKenzie has had the support of former Raiders executives Ron Wolf, Ken Herock and John Madden, who were assisting the team in its search for a new general manager." (cite ESPN article:

I think that McKenzie has shown a track record of success, and I'm not sure I have been convinced in the past two years that he is failing to execute his LONG-TERM vision for the Raiders. In my opinion, you would have to have a cartoon-ish perception on how an organization runs in real life, to think he or Mark Davis or anyone is single-handedly making decisions about anything.

But if you disagree, I'd love to see some real evidence. The thing I see mentioned most often against RM and the organization these days are the draft choices. Once again, I'd counter-argue that its too soon to judge most of them. And I'd also counter-argue that there was good consensus around most of his picks. No Heyward-Bey or McClain level surprises. For example, I think most of us liked the 4th Rd QB play for Tyler Wilson when it happened. Then in HINDSIGHT, some Raiders fans become such "insightful" talent evaluators.

Look at this man's experience. Then tell me who you'd hire as GM to replace McKenzie? (Other than yourself)

  • "From 1985 to 1988, McKenzie played as a linebacker for the Los Angeles Raiders. He became a starter as a rookie at inside linebacker next to Matt Millen in a 3-4-4 defensive scheme, playing in all 16 games for a team ending the year with a won-lost record of 12-4, allowing 308 points (19.2 points/game), 9th of 28 teams, and winning the AFC Western division. (cite: his Wikipedia page)" Then he fizzled out a little the next couple of years and lost his spot on the team.
  • "In 1993, McKenzie returned to Tennessee and served as an assistant under head coach Philip Fulmer. That year, the Volunteers appeared in the Florida Citrus Bowl and landed one of the nation’s top recruiting classes, highlighted by QB Peyton Manning. (cite: his Wikipedia page)"
  • "McKenzie was employed by the Green Bay Packers from 1994 to 2012. He began as a scout, and gradually rose through the ranks to become the Packers' director of player personnel and eventually the team's director of football operations, while reporting to general managers Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson. (cite: his Wikipedia page)" So, in 2010 they won Super Bowl 45 against the DAMN Steelers. In 2011, GB went 15-1 in the regular season. Then in 2012, Reggie McKenzie comes to the Raiders.

So, in conclusion, STFU with your negativity and pessimism. I know its been 10 years of pretty bad football. I'd be pessimistic too if we weren't right in the middle of some big changes.

And I know, fans can't help talking critically at times. Its human nature. But, it's also human nature for me to want you to STFU.

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