The QB Dilemma/Possibilities - Oakland Raiders 2014

I been looking at our team's current QB situation, listening to RM and DA expound on it, and looked across the wire for where we might find plausible solutions,

After reading the link I listed above, I have come to some decisions about the options which the Raiders currently have:

1. Terrell Pryor will be traded, released or asked to play a different positions - leaving Matt McGloin and Trent Edwards (gulp) as our only options going forward.

2. Matt McGloin will be given a chance to compete with a group of veterans for the starters role going forward. Reading between the lines, I believe DA and RM saw the skill set and have decided he COULD be our best option for 2014 - added that he be in competition with at least one other veteran for the job.

3.Oakland will target a veteran with extensive starting experience: Chad Henne, Josh Freemand, Michael Vick, Matt Cassell, Derek Anderson and Tavaris Jackson will all be given some kind of look. I expect one of these to be signed shortly after the market is open. Others, whom may be released: Matt Shaub, Christian Ponder, Rex Grossman, Mark Sanchez are also possibilities.

4. A QB in the draft is a real possibility - though personally, I believe RM knows we too many holes for play makers to grab one in the first two rounds, unless a highly rated one falls out of the first and into the second (Say a David Carr for example). They do not answer any of the questions on this team. Much better first round options are available next year should we fail to win in a much tougher schedule this coming year.

5. I expect that we will see an upgrade at TE and WR - Reggie was clear in his understanding that we do not have a #1 type guy on this team. We just do not. Though I love our WR corps - there is no one of them who can consistently get open and demonstrate the hands to get it done - though Streater is improving amazingly. (I would love to see Watkins, Seferian Jenkins, Amaro, or Lee on this team with our current group).

6. Our coaching staff will improve the OL which will engage Marcel Reece to become that much more active in creating match up advantages for our QB.

Nation - this is how I see the FA/Draft paying out.

We will sign one veteran who has been and can continue to be a starter - we will see them battle it out with McGloin and Edwards - winner starting and having a legit back-up on the sidelines. Young McGloin has his mentor either way.

We will not draft a QB before round 3. Our choice will be Fales or Garapolo (The taller McGloin).

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