A current look at possible free agents that could be good fits for the raiders this offseason

I'm going to start on the offensive side of the ball:

Starting at the Quarterback position-its the most important position on the field and whether we draft a qb or not we need a veteran here who can at least start in the short term.

My candidates for this position:

-Josh McCown-showed he still can play and he looked pretty good in the time he played this season for the bears.

-Josh Freeman-lets be honest he didn't have a chance in that first game he started for the Vikings. And lets not forget that it was only a couple years ago where he had his best season as a pro.

-I don't know for sure if they're going to be released but if so I'd also take a look at Schaub, Ponder, and Locker.

The running back position I believe is pretty easy.

My candidates for this position:

-Of course I am advocating the resigning of Jennings.

-Second we need to find a complementary back for him

-My answer to this is either Donald Brown or Andre Brown. Both are good running backs and both can catch the ball out of the backfield. But this would give us a really good 1-2 punch at the running back position. Remember what Andre Brown did to us earlier in the season. If we pair him up with Jennings we have a monster backfield.

The Wide Receiver position is a little more complicated. We need that true #1 receiver. And looking at the current list of free agents I'm not 100% sure he's there. However there are some good receivers in this free agent class.

My candidates for this position:

-Starting off I would target Hakeem Nicks. He is a big bodied receiver that can go downfield and be a reliable weapon for whoever the Qb is.

-I would also like to see them target Anquan Boldin. Dude is a straight up beast. He may be getting up there a bit in age but he catches almost everything that comes his way and he would be a great example for the young receivers to look to.

-Lastly I would love to see someone of Emmanuel Sanders or Jeremy Maclin caliber to come in and be a little speedster for us to separate the field even more.

My top outside free agent acquisition push would be at the TE position. We have all the money we need to sign whoever we want and I would be in favor of grossly overpaying at this position.

My candidates for this position:

-The first guy and the only guy I'm looking at, at this position is the great Jimmy Graham. For me I don't care how much you have to pay him. But if he is not locked up by NO before the free agency period begins I'm going full force at him. He is the only player I advocate spending 10 million dollars a year on. I would give him a contract similar to that of Rob Gronkowski. Gronk got 6-53 million. I'm ok with 6-60 million if that would bring him to Oakland.

For the BIG guys up front there are two positions I am looking at, Guard and Center. I say Center because like most people I remember when Wiz was playing Guard and he played pretty well in that spot. Either way we need one or the other.

My candidates for this position:

-Alex Mack- If he can escape from the horribly cold winters of Cleveland maybe he can come back to the bay area where he played his college ball. Adding Mack and moving Wiz to Gwould greatly improve out Oline.

-My other candidates for the center position would be Brian De La Puente and Evan Dietrich-Smith. With the same idea of moving Wiz back to guard.

-For the Guard position I would love to steal one of Kansas City's guards. Both Asamoah and Schwartz are free agents and would be great pickups for this Oline.

-If we couldn't find a way to get at least one of these guys I would be all for drafting someone in rounds 2-3 in the draft.

Finally I will address my Defensive Free Agent Acquisitions

The first priority for my defense would be in the trenches. I am of the belief that if you can't win up front you will lose. No matter who you have in the back.

Defensive End

My candidates for this position:

-Greg Hardy- He would give us the pass rush that this dline certainly lacks. He had 15 sacks this last season to go alone with 1 forced fumble. Dude is a beast and pair him with Houston and you also have a great pair of run defenders on the outside.

-Michael Bennett- He isn't Greg Hardy but he is a monster on the outside too. While he only had 8.5 sacks this season he can still be a handful to block.

-Anthony Spencer-He could be a good short term signing while we groom a hopefully relatively high draft pick(between rounds 1-3) from this year.

-Also I wouldn't be against seeing Michael Johnson, Everson Griffin, or Jeremy Mincey being brought aboard.

Moving Inside to Defensive Tackle I would love to see at least one marque signing here. We need to resign Sims and I wouldn't be against bringing Walker back to be a good rotational player.

My candidates for this position:

-B.J. Raji- He is a monster on the inside. Pair him up with Sims and we have some massive Dts that have shown some ability to rush the passer.

-Kevin Williams- Of the famed Williams wall from a few years ago back in Minnesota. he's getting up there in age but I still think he has a couple more good years in him.

-Linval Joseph- Another mammoth of a man. 6-4 and 323 pounds to go alone with Pat Sims 6-2 320. Together they would clog the inside and make it very difficult to run on.

-Jeremiah Ratliff- Before he got hurt he was playing very well in Dallas. He is another one of those guys that would be a good short term signing while we groom some young guys in the middle.

-Additional players I wouldn't be against signing would be Jonathan Babineaux, Ziggy Hood, and a mound of a man in Terrance Cody.

To be honest there isn't much in this years linebackers class that I would consider an upgrade so I am just going to skip that position.

Moving along to the Corner position. This is the lst position I would focus on and potentially spend another sizable chunk of money on.

My candidates for this position:

-Aqib Talib-He has played pretty good for the Patriots the last couple years. And remember I am a raider fan and I grew up watching the raiders therefore I love playing press man coverage. And what do you know that's Talib's specialty. I hated this year playing all of the soft zone and getting eatin up time after time.

-DRC- He is another long lengthy corner who can play press man coverage. Nabbing him would also weaken Denver so it would be a win win for us.

-Walter Thurmond III- He isn't one of the starting corners in Seattle but he has played pretty well in the time he has gotten.

-Additional players who I would be very open to signing are Alteraun Verner, Peanut Tillman, Captain Munnerlyn (I love his name lol), Sam Shields, and Brent Grimes.

All in all we have plenty of money this offseason to use. I think if we spend it on some of these guys we could very well have a very formidable team next year. I am excited like everyone else and hopefully big Reg made the right decision in keeping Dennis Allen. I personally wouldn't have kept him but that's another argument and conversation that I don't want to start here. But tell me what you guys think about some of these players. We got a little while still until free agency and the draft so this is just for a good discussion.

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