The Raiders that never were

While watching the Pro Bowl, I always find it fun to pick out the guys that I would like to see in Oakland. While current players are fun to think about, as any of them could be in play at some point, I think it is more fun to think about it in historical context. My question for you guys is this: What five players in NFL history do you wish had played in Oakland (or LA depending on the time period)?

My list:

1. Deion Sanders.

- Looking at this guy play, I sometimes get sad. With Al Davis' love of corners and physical freaks, it seems like he was almost stolen from us. With his blazing speed, great ball skills, and more confidence than any player in the history of the game, Sanders was dominant.

2. Brett Favre.

- This is a bit of a guilty pick for me. Favre is a polarizing figure. Some people will either tell you he is grossly over-rated, while others will call him one of the best of all time. With a cannon for an arm, and a love for the game that couldn't be matched, Favre never seemed to lose the idea that football is a game, and is meant to be enjoyed. Say what you want about the interceptions. Say what you want about hanging on too long. This is a guy that never quit, and left his heart on the field every time. I would have loved to see him line up for Oakland.

3. Tom Brady.

- I expect a little heat over this pick, but it is my honest opinion that there has never been a better QB than Tom Brady. There is also something to be said for the college backup that busted his ass and earned everything in the pros. While the tuck rule game will always be a part of the Raiders story, we can not really fault Brady for this happening. It was a bad call. It is not his responsibility to officiate the game. Brady is a local kid, and I think he may have enjoyed being in Oakland had he ben drafted here. This works with the assumption that his career works out in a similar fashion, which is no guarantee, but the dark ages never happen with Tom Brady under center.

4. Marshall Faulk.

- As one of the most versatile backs in NFL history, Faulk was fun to watch. As a key component to one of the greatest offenses ever, Faulk took pressure off a young undrafted QB, and allowed him to flourish by drawing 8 man boxes, and by taking screens and swing passes for huge gains.

5. Randall Cunningham.

- Cunningham is one of the most elusive runners in NFL history. The fact that he could pass the ball well is almost secondary because of how great he was at evading pass rushers and defenders in open space. I have always felt his career could have been greater if he had a coach stress the need for him to develop as a passer. He was a victim of his own ability. Still, he was an extraordinary talent.

I'm excited to see what picks you guys come up with.

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