Estimated Salary cap for 2014,plus some projected salary cuts in 2014.

The first number is Active contracts in 2014.
Second number is Estimated cap space.
Found via

Raiders 36 $62,489,327
Jaguars 49 $55,858,851
Browns 51 $46,343,534
Bears 27 $36,453,181
Colts 44 $35,132,360
Dolphins 42 $30,209,788
Bills 45 $29,426,042
Redskins 45 $29,098,022
Packers 47 $27,932,848
Bengals 50 $24,064,706
Vikings 40 $23,968,228
Eagles 48 $18,842,508
Jets 41 $18,417,558
Broncos 39 $15,435,463
Panthers 39 $13,540,772
Giants 37 $10,341,796
Buccs 46 $9,921,412
Ravens 37 $9,008,889
49ers 50 $6,209,764
Falcons 49 $5,965,236
Texans 49 $4,610,940
Titans 45 $4,469,952
Patriots 51 $3,958,278
Cardinals 42 $2,182,254
Chiefs 44 $1,959,740
Rams 46 $1,151,714
Seahawks 45 -($415,393)
Chargers 47 -($3,533,086)
Lions 38 -($4,374,676)
Steelers 43 -($12,210,045)
Saints 40 -($15,686,880)
Cowboys 50 -($21,634,160)

The Raiders have the most cap space like many have said ,but it is closer than many think.The Jaguars have 49 guys with contract in 2014 and $55 million in cap space,so they should be some big competition in Free Agency,Since the Jags have just about as many needs as the Raiders.Some teams are going to be cutting many players or restructuring the contracts,but most players are not so eager to do so.The Saints,Cowboys,and Steelers are going to have to release some talent to make room.Saints are in the worst trouble in my opinion,cause Jimmy Graham is going to be a free agent,and I'm pretty sure they will release some talent to make room to sign him long term.

Free Agency is not only going to be vital for the Raiders this year for signing top NFL talent to equal the playing field,but also might gives us an idea of what the Raiders may be thinking about for the draft.Here are a few players that might be cut due to a huge salary and some notes for each.These players are not Free Agents yet,but a good chance that some if not all will be looking for a new team this year.

Sam Bradford QB Rams $10,420,000 in cap savings if cut.
The Rams are in a good spot as in a lot of choices they could make this year.It may be a good time to part ways since they have the second pick in the draft if they fall in love with one of the QB's.Even though he was injured the second half of the season,the Rams still only went 3 and 4 with him the starter.Playing in a loaded NFC west the Rams may want a change at QB,they play close in division games so better QB play might take them over the top.I'm sure the Raiders would love to have a chance at Bradford,but so would all the other teams that need a QB.The thing is IF that's a big if the Rams cut him there is no telling when they would release him.They may release him right before Free Agency,or wait until after the draft if they do select a QB with the second pick.If they do wait until after the draft that would hurt the teams that reached for a QB in the draft if they are interested in Bradford.The Rams could also try to trade Bradford,which is a much more likely scenario.The asking price might be a another first round pick Or maybe second round pick much like Alex Smith deal last year.What ever the Rams decide to do will have a huge effect on the draft and the other teams that need a QB.

Mark Sanchez QB Jets $8,300,000 in cap savings if cut.
I'm almost certain Sanchez will be cut.The Jets may resign him at a reduced price if he doesn't find a home on another team.But I think a team will sign him after he is cut.No telling what team that will be,I just hope it isn't Oakland.

Will Smith DE Saints $11,550,000 in cap savings if cut.
The Saints are in a tough spot,so there is a very good chance Will Smith will be a Free agent.He missed all of 2013 with a torn ACL and he is 32 years old.I'm not sure the Raiders will come calling but age and injury concerns may lower his expected contract for bidders.

Sidney Rice WR Seahawks $7,300,000 in cap savings if cut.
Still pretty young(27),the Seahawks don't have much wiggle room in the cap so he may be looking for another team.Tore his ACL in late October and with a pretty big contract,his chances of being a Seahawk next year is pretty low.
The Raiders would be wise to add veteran depth at WR to go with their young talent if he is let go, and depending on the severity of his injury.

DeMeco Ryans ILB Eagles $6,900,000 in cap savings if cut.
The Eagles might ask him to restructure his contract.If the Raiders decide to stay primarily in a 4-3 base,then I think Ryans would be a upgrade over Roach.

Davin Joseph G Buccaneers $6,000,000 in cap savings if cut.
The Buccs will have two guards making over $6 million next year,they don't have tons of cap space so a cut could happen here.This would be a huge upgrade at guard(either guard spot) for the Raiders,they would be stupid not to try to get him if cut.

Carlos Rogers CB 49ers $5,105,468 in cap savings if cut.
Rogers is 32 years old now and might be the odd one out in a talent rich 49ers team.Would be a instant upgrade even at his age for the Raiders on the outside.

I am pretty excited this offseason,it seems so long for the Raiders to be able to afford some decent players.With the players listed above and the decent free agent class this year,there is many many upgrades out there for the Raiders.It sucks the draft got pushed back a few weeks this year,we have to endure two more weeks of mock drafts.
With our cap situation,I expect we resign Houston and Veldheer.Resign some depth on our roster now,and have enough to get about five high priced premium Free Agents and have about 12-15 million left over.
I'm kinda glad Cutler got signed this week cause if we did go after him,that would have been at least $15 million to him each year.We still need a QB and drafting one early might be the way to go.
Jadeveon Clowney may or may not be there at 5,but I would draft him if Bridgewater,Manziel or,Bortles is off the board.

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