Next Moves Raiders Should Make- I'm Excited

We have almost a clean slate for the first time in a long time. While this could be very nerve racking until moves are made, the possibilities are very encouraging. It has been a very tough few years to be a fan, but I am very optimistic going into next season. Now I know we are all looking at the big name free agents since we have a lot of money. But this year we had a good core but the depth killed us at the end of the year, same story it has been for a while. Moving the draft back this year combined with the lack of free agent QBs has helped us.



Veldheer (Worst case scenario he is franchised)/ Barnes (Quality reliable Depth at G and T)/ Pashos (good Depth at T)/ Jennings & Olawale (Both earned coming back) / DMC (can be good not as a feature back but is excellent in the screen and off tackle game which we stopped using him as and wondered why he is hurt and ineffective. Sign to small incentive based contract. if he gets beat out in camp he gets beat out no harm done)


Houston (Get him back and get someone behind him to spell him every once in a while and someone on the opposite side)/ Sims (Bring him back definitely earned it)/ Woodson (No explanation needed)/ Walker (Good DL Rotation can start or Depth)/ Porter, Young, Jenkins, Adams (Bring them all back to compete, but still bring in Verner or Shields and Stevie Brown)/ Burnett (Special Teams and keep the Brothers motivated)

Free Agents:
DE: Hardy/ Bennett/ Allen/ Hood/ Johnson (We need 1 of he bunch)
DT: Cody (I think we draft but would be a luxury)
OL: Mack/ Asomoah/ Incognito (Mack pushes Wiz to G the other two would be plug and play- Need at least 1)
TE: Pettigrew/ Pitta (I am happy with our TEs but Pettigrew would be a good vet and big TE)
LB: Orakpo
DB: Verner/ Shields/ Talib/ S. Brown (I would like to see the return of Brown still young and can recover fully while studying under Woodson if we could resign then at least 1 of the 3 corners)
WR: Moss/ Jones/ McCluster (I would love Santana Moss as abet and deep threat in the slot he still got lot of fire to him)
RB: A. Brown/ Gerhart/ Bell/ Tate/ (Any of them paired with jennings and see what the Murray kid has since we always have Reece)
QB: McCown/ Vick (I like Edwards as the vet QB Mentor- don't really care for any others I see McCown as better mentor to MM and Vick to TP, but really not excited to have either one especially on big contracts, all for the incentive based contracts)

Draft: I don't think there will be any ability to trade down. unless the Rams give up 13 and second round and 1 or 2 next year. They may part ways with Bradford snatch a QB and a playmaker.

here is my first thoughts will probably change a lot depending on free agency

Rounds 1-4 Scenario A: DE- Clowney/ DE-OLB-Murphy (Not opposed to 2 DE) / OG-Watt/ QB-Garoppolo

Rounds 1-4 Scenario B: WR-Watkins/ DE-OLB-Murphy/ OG-Watt/ QB-Boyd (Chemistry with Watkins)

Round 5-7- i think we get a round 5 comp: DT-McCullers/ LB-Jackson/ RB-Thomas

Rounds 1-4 Scenario C Rams Trade: DT-Nix/ DE-OLB-Murphy/ FS-Bailey/ OG-Watt/ QB-Garoppolo
Round 5-7: DE- Gardner or CB-Watkins/ LB-Jackson/ RB-Thomas

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