Reggie Mckenzie's(RM) way of operating

I was looking through the various entries and thinking realistically about what the Raiders will do this off-season. This GM is much different than the others in the league. He' pragmatic and patient and does it his (aka Green Bay) way.

The projected cap is 125M, existing player contracts will be 57M, draft salaries is approximately 13M and cap carryover is 3M. That leaves a total of 58M to spend on resigning current players and acquiring free agents.

RM will resign quite a few players already on the Raiders roster and will only seek out a few free agents.

Remember 58 million.

---Raider Players---

-Woodson CB - 2M

-Veldheer LT - 10M

-Jennings RB - 2M

-Porter CB - 2M

-Misc Roster Positions 7M

Total: 23M

---Free Agents---

Alex Mack C - 8M

Captain Munnerlyn CB - 6M

Total 14M


If everything works out for McKenzie here's how it plays out.

1st round Clowney DE

2nd round T Murphy DE or best DE available

3rd round W Sutton DT or best DT available

4th round T Mason RB or best RB available

5th traded away for Flynn

6th best player available

7th best player available

Total: 13M

---Cap Total---

To figure the total cost at this point, lets do the rough math, these are approximates for discussion purposes only.

125M cap total

-57M current salaries

-23M to pay returning players

-13M to rookies

-14M to free agents

=18M cap remainder

Now does RM seem the type to just start spending to spend if he has this sort of money left? I'm thinking no.

---Projected Lineup---

QB Mcgloin

RB Jennings, Mason(R)

FB Reece

WR Moore, Streater, Criner

TE Riviera, Kasa

OT Veldheer, Watson

OG Wiz, Bergstrom

C Mack

DE Clowney(R), Murphy(R)

DT Sims, Sutton(R)

OLB Moore, Burnett

MLB Roach

CB Hayden, Porter, Munnerlyn

S Woodson, Branch

(R) = Denotes Rookie

Not very exciting but this seems more the mold for Mckenzie. You might be saying, there's no way they go into next season with that many rookie starters, but let's look back at how this team operated in the past.

Veldheer, Wiz, Mcgloin, Pryor, Holmes, Streater, Watson, Moore, Burris and Hayden. What do these guys have in common, they all started as rookies for the Raiders.

---QB Situation---

Now the Raiders still have a huge hole at QB, with the 18M in cap space they could go out and get Vick or Scwaub (once he's released) as a stopgap. The Raider strategy is to invest in draft talent first then rely on free agents as a carryover.

---Top Tier Free Agents---

As for those of you daydreaming about some of the free agents out there like Graham, Hardy, Verner and others, keep in mind the teams these guys play for still can franchise those players or resign them. As for Houston, remember when McKenzie first arrived in Oakland, he stripped away almost every player acquired during the Davis regime, Houston is one of the last players from that era. It would make sense that he would be let go.

---Patience is the name of the game---

Of course some of the players will change compared to my projections but the point is that the team assembled above is young, cheap and developed within. This will leave the Raiders in a position to go after future free agents or resign some of their own.

---Credit is due--- provided a lot of the numbers here so check their site and make your own conclusions. Look closely at there cap calculator it will show you how much each team can spend and show you what there cap will look like if you franchise or resign a player, it was really helpful.

---Edit Spending cap limit---

One of the posters pointed out that the CBA states that teams must spend at least 89% of their cap, which means for the Raiders that is approximately 111M. It turns out in the above scenario for the Raiders to stay inline with the contract they would have to spend an additional 7M.

Insert Micheal Vick QB 7M signing.

Your feedback is always important.

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