Why Manziel Makes Sense

Tis the season to be hypothetical, so here we go.

If Johnny Football is around at 5, take him confidently - regardless of what QBs have been taken. He's our guy, and here's why:

Greg Olson.

I've seen some chatter from fans to bring in a QB-guru or a QB-mind to help groom a young QB should the Raiders go that route. Thing is, I think Olson is that guy already. He's worked with QBs essentially his entire coaching career - some of whom have had a good amount success professionally.

Drew Brees - Olson served as Brees' QBs coach during his 4 years at Purdue ('97-'00), with 2 of those being Heisman finalist years. We obviously know how Brees turned out.

Jeff Garcia - Olson served as the Niners' QBs coach in 2001, during which Garcia put together a Pro Bowl year and arguably the best statistical season of his career.

He also served as OC for the Rams, getting Marc Bulger to a Pro Bowl in one of those years, and also served as OC for the Bucs during Josh Freeman's rookie season and exceptional sophomore season.

He's had some blemishes on his coaching resume, and my point isn't to give him full credit for the success of guys like Brees, Garcia, or Freeman's 2nd year. My point is mainly this:

Manziel's size and playing style are very similar to that of Brees and Garcia. Neither guy measures above 6'1 and each knew/knows how to work the pocket. Manziel obviously utilizes his legs more than any QB I've mentioned, but don't forget that he threw for the 8th most yards with the 5th best completion % this season. I don't know if his arm will end up as good as Brees', but it certainly isn't of the pop-gun variety.

To me, an Olson-Manziel marriage can work. I like that Olson has mainly had success with QBs of his size and skill-set in the past. I also love Manziel's game and passion. Say what you want about his off the field drama - no really, say what you want. I can't defend that BS, other than to say the majority of us would probably make dumb decisions too if we were national celebrities at age 19-20.

That said, I think of Manziel in Silver and Black and for some reason I imagine Gruden in pads. You can't deny the fire this kid plays with. You won't find one writer who has ever questioned his heart on the field. So what, he comes off like a jerk at times? He'd be on our team. He'd be leaping into the black hole getting the whole stadium fired up after every score. He'd feed off of the craziness that is Raider Nation just as Raider Nation would feed off of his loud confidence.

Some might say, well Olson did a pretty shoddy job with Pryor and McGloin didn't he? Well first off, let's be real with McGloin here - he's a good dude and he plays hard. He's not a franchise QB. As for Pryor? I still love his game and how he's handled his time in Oakland. However, I don't think his game meshes with Olson's approach, and quite simply - he isn't Reggie or Allen's "guy".

Manziel would be this regime's "guy", and that's important - especially for a regime that seems to have 1 year to wrench the big arrow in the UP direction rather than DOWN. With Allen being a defensive guy, I can see Olson having a good amount of input on what QB he thinks fits in his system the best. To me, that's either Bridgewater or Manziel, and the former isn't going to be around at #5. Some will still choose to support Pryor, and I get that. But from the business side of football, you have to consider the two things every GM wants: a handpicked staff and a handpicked QB.

Again, it's all hypothetical considering Manziel could go anywhere from #1 to #4. But to me, with Olson as OC and Manziel's chippy/arrogant style, he's my pick.

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