The sky is falling?? Nah not buying it.

So per the usual reaction the last 10 years, too many in the nation are freaking out over- what?

The meeting the didn't happen?

The fact that we may lose some assistants?

The truth is we now know nothing happened except DA has one more year to show us something, anything - that says he's the right guy for the job.

In all honesty I have no problem with MD throwing down the gauntlet right now. Al used to act prematurely, Mark has given DA two years to show anything and he hasn't gained MD's complete confidence - that's obvious now. So why give his staff 2 years when DA may only have one? That would be dumb (Al style) and force us to pay those coaches when they kick rocks after next year if it all goes south. If it doesn't and we improve, they all get new deals. As I said in my Final Observations thread - it's put up or shut up time and that goes for coaches too. It also weeds out those coaches who really aren't committed or loyal to us. How many times have we seen guys use us as stepping stone or simply wait us out until a better opportunity came along.

For instance I like Tony S for our OL but if he's so quick to walk to join his buddy Lovie Smith, then let him walk. Either he's committed to turning us around or he's not and a 2 year contract vs a 1 year prove it contract shouldn't matter or deter him. He should have a healthy OL and more help either via draft pick or FA that should be enough to prove his mettle. Many have stated, he's an excellent OL coach and I seriously doubt he'd suddenly be SOL if DA was let go after next season.

Clearly other assistants re-upped because they believe in DA and The Plan and they're here for the long haul, those are the kind guys we want coaching our team. We will find others to replace those that think they can do better elsewhere and honestly good riddance IMO. I'm not worried about how this will look when you have CLE letting go of Chud after one season and forcing the next HC to deal with his staff. That's the kind of crap Al would pull.

Commitment to Excellence anybody remember that? MD was brought up to believe it as gospel and that's why I think he's right to put his foot down. He's seen what a lot of us have seen - DA acting like he has 2 more years to get it right. We've been waiting too long for that. If the culture has truly changed, then everyone has to be held accountable and that means no more scholarships - for anyone. I'm ok with that. It tells anyone willing to come here (players and coaches) that they must succeed in order to be rewarded.

So let's stop with the sell the team nonsense. As I said in my last thread regarding this, DA has earned one more season to come back and prove he's the guy, that means he doesn't get to demand his staff get more than that. Well now he's got one more chance with $ and talent.

I am curious as to who's going to bolt (if anyone has) save Marmie. As of right now, no one has. I do know Olson and one other assistant were already signed for 2 years so our offense shouldn't be changing but if we lose Tarver I can't say I'll be all that sad as he has just as much to prove as DA IMO. If we do lose some coaches, we'll move on like we always do - if we must. I do not look at MD's ultimatum as anything negative at this time, the standard use to be higher once and I think he just wants to get back to that and won't accept anything else. I'd be screaming from the rooftops if this was DA's 1st season but we've now seen two seasons with the same result. Next season all the excuses fall by the wayside, we have a ton of $ and we have picks and we have continuity. It's put up or shut time and I hope for all our sakes, DA lives up to the promise RM saw in him 2 years ago.

The grace period is over.

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