My Free Agent Wishlist- Offense

Okay Raider Nation, I'm sure everyone has their own hopes and dreams for this off-season, but I just can't help myself from sharing my own. First I'm going to start with our offense, it won't be sexy, my guys don't break the bank, but I do think it would put a good offense that can score on the field. I don't believe our offense is where we dump our money or our first pick, so I put together what I'd like to see.

I'm going to break down who I hope we re-sign, along with who we go get on the free agent market to shore up the holes on our team prior to the draft. I'll leave you with multiple options for each need because my hopes are to filling all of our needs before the draft with our cap space. This would leave us being able to pick BPA and making our only necessities remaining come draft time as the targets that were not achieved or in other words remaining holes. Let me get started:

Quarterbacks: (pick up 1)

Michael Vick- may catch flack, but he is the only proven starter on the market. Sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal, and hope he is solid (which I think he will be). At least the hole is filled until we draft a QB with a year or two left under Vick to develop. Ideally I would like to do that in 2015 draft and give the guys we have a year under him. I like the way Foles came out from under his wing and can only hope McGloin or Pryor can do the same. Not to mention McGloin and Pryor are on cheap contracts as decent backups. McGloin is a solid #2 and the potential in Pryor are worth the price tags or what we would get for them, which makes it worth it to keep both of them around one more year (Pryor's contract expires after next season, just in time to draft his open spot if he does not progress under Vick).

Josh Freeman- a cheaper route, with some potential that may actually work with his relationship with Greg Olsen. If this was the case, we would have to depend more heavily on McGloin as a backup not only in case of injury, but also in the case his performance replicates his last season.


Running Backs: (pick up 1)

Resign: Rashad Jennings

Ahmad Bradshaw- again you may think I'm crazy, but he is a beast and will come CHEAP!!! He is a great change of pace from Jennings and remember we have Latavius Murray coming back who is being groomed as our young future back and will more than suffice as 2nd in line if Bradshaw goes down. We can't go high price on every signing and I think this is a good bargain pick up.

Donald Brown/ Andre Brown/ LaGarrette Blount- dependent on price tags any of these three would do the job.



Wide Reciever: (pick up 1)

Jeremy Maclin- this goes along with Vick, and only if we get Vick!!! Maclin has the most potential to be a #1 out of the bunch and it would be nice bringing in a familiar face for Vick to work with. It would aslo have to be under a reasonable price tag, which may be the case coming off his injury last year.

Julian Edelman- I would just love to see our Raiders have a slot guy like Wes Welker to keep feeding, but don't think Brady lets the Pats give him up.

Anquan Boldin- He is a big target, with sure hands that can make any quarterback look better. With his experience he would be a great example for our young talented recieving group for the next year or two. He would take some attention from opposing defenses and we can finally find out which guy out of our young core developes to be a #1(which I'm sure one will).

Maclin or Bolden-Streater-Moore-Holmes-Butler

O-Line: (pick up 1 LG to start/1 RG to compete to start)

Resign: Veldeer, Barnes, Pashos, Gurode

Richie Incognito- If there is no suspension issues with the Martin situation, where else can you get a pro bowl caliber guard for bad boy bargain bin pricing(rather than 8-10 million on Mack)? He would definitely solidify our line, being our biggest upgrade at ANY position replacing Nix. He would come at a price tag well below worth and Sparano will undoubtedly keep him in check.

Chad Rinehart- he is my sleeper guard, that we can steal from the Chargers. Underrated and huge in size he would walk into LG or give Brisiel a run at starting RG for a portion of Brisiel's salary.

Jon Asamoah/Geoff Schwartz- whoever the Cheifs don't sign or which ever we can steal both are solid!!!

Brian De La Puente- If your heart is set on getting a center and moving Wiz back to guard(which mine is not), here is your guy without breaking the bank on Mack.



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