The best qb choice...

The qb is always a huge debate. Especially for the raiders because there is so many options we can do. The question is who deserves to be the starter for our team. We are going to assume that we can grab any free agent or draft qb. In all reality every qb is an option for the oakland raiders.

first we will start with our own

terrelle pryor

pros- pryor has the highest ceiling of all the quarterbacks. He is quick and very fast. He is extremely tough to take down.

Cons- he has a tough time deciding on what he wants to do in the backfield. Not every play has to be a hold your breath has he is 20 yards deep running circles. Td to int was horrible to.

Matt mcgloin

pros- for being a rookie he looked pretty good on the field. He is a gunslinger who has no problem throwing the ball 25 yards and this can be a game changer. He has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove .

cons- when he starts to lose you can tell he gets more risky. He turned the ball over multiple times trying to get us back into the game. Almost like it was now or never on every play. While it might not be entirely his fault the wins did not come with mcgloin.

trent edwards

I honestly do not know Edwards enough to grade him but his stats show that he is not starter material. I will put him down anyways. Maybe there is something I don't know.

now on to the free agents

matt schaub

pros- before 2013 he has put up some great numbers throwing 4000+ yards 3 out of the last five seasons and with the exception of 2013 has had a qb rating higher than 90 from 2008 to 2012.

cons 2013 was a joke. He made a good team the worse team in the nfl. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns. 14 int 10 td. As a result he was not the starter the whole season.

Michael Vick

pros- like pryor he is a dual threat. He is more accurate and better football knowledge. He can make huge plays with his feet and through the air.

cons- he is injury prone and he also turns the ball over with fumbles and interceptions quite a bit. He also lost his starting job to nick foles

josh mccown

pros- McCown was razor hot in 2013 posting 13 td to only 1 int. he had a 109 qb rating during the time he played. There were even talks as if cutler might not get his job back

cons- before this year McCown has been a nobody. He even played for the raiders for a year and did not post starter like numbers.

Chad henne

I don't know him we'll enough to write on him but it appears he did not put starter like numbers up

josh freeman

pros- freeman has put up good numbers before. He has worked with Greg Olson and they have a relationship so there already on the same page. Freeman has no problem running the ball if he has to. He is still very young and if he worked out for the raiders we could have him for a long time.

cons- seems to have a very poor work ethic and when you are suppose to be the leader on the team that can be hard on the team in a whole.

matt cassel

pros- matt has had some good years. A change could also really help him

cons- he was a chief.... He also has had some very bad years.

matt flynn

just kidding

ok now to the draft

teddy bridgewater

pros very good at the passing game. Can run if he has to and the most accurate in the draft. Seems mature and loves football. Good attitude.

cons-not a true dual threat qb and also has a weird throw. Also he is a draft pick and yet not proven.

blake bortles

pros- dual threat. He is a good passer but he can also run. Also has a high football iq

cons- lacks elite arm strength. Also he is a draft pick and yet not proven.

johnny manziel

pros- very dynamic player. Quick and agile. Seems to throw better on the run than in the pocket.

cons- he is a smaller qb, he is not as accurate and he has a cocky attitude who seems like a person that likes to party. Also he is a draft pick and yet not proven.

alright everyone there you go. Hopefully this puts some light on all the qbs out there and our choices. Technically the raiders could grab any one of these. So now it's up to you who would you start raider nation.

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