My Mock Draft

This is my sincere hope for how the draft would go. This assumes all of the players we have a sensible need to re-sign get re-signed to sensible contracts and etc.

Trade down with Minnesota Vikings at number 5. We get their second rounder. For the sake of simplicity, I'll just assume we don't get anything else. Realistically it'll depend on who is left on the board.

1st Rd - Anthony Barr (altenate; Khalil Mack) - OLB

The more I think about it, the more I truly feel like we have to come out of the first round with a dominant pass rusher. I will personally hope and pray that Clowney falls to us at 5. If he does, we take him. If not, I say we trade back (if possible) and grab Mack or Barr, whichever is left.

Although Mack is more polished, my personal preference is Barr for his higher ceiling.

2nd Rd, First Pick - Ra'Shede Hageman - DT

His stock seems to have fallen just as Aaron Donalds has risen. It'll still take a bit of a slide for him to go this far, but if he does you can count the Raiders as thrilled. He is an absolute monster at 6'6'' and will instantly help soak up blockers to give Barr/Sio/Houston some room to work.

2nd Rd, Second Pick - Gabe Jackson - OG

The Raiders need a guard. He'll also be BPA around there. Don't gripe to me about pick value and guards in the second round and all that crap, or I'll put together a Lucas Nix highlight real. You'll gouge your damn eyes out.

3rd Rd - Jackson Jeffcoat - DE

Are you seeing a trend towards defense? He'll also be BPA at this spot. He's a good player, and I remain surprised he hasn't risen up any draft boards.

4th Rd - Terrence Brooks - FS

Not sure if he'll still be there, but if he is, congratulations Raiders, you have the guy who's going to take over for Woodson in a year. I think he'll be ready.

5th Rd - FLYNN'D

6th Rd - David Fales

At this point, your draft picks don't have a great chance of panning out anyway. Fales is accurate and smart. His arm strength is meh, and he lacks good size. That's fine by me for a 6th round flyer. You never know what you'll find, and I don't see much else I'd rather have that's left on the board.

7th Rd - Colt Lyerla

I've been hoping we would take a late round flyer on him for a long, long, long time. If we can fix his issues, he could be a very good player. If we can't, then we cut him. It's a 7th rounder. The chance is worth it.

Two Notes:

1.) This is the draft I'm hoping for. HOPING for. I recognize that two or three of these guys project to be drafted 2-10 picks ahead of where we are in the respective round (and for Fales, the qb, well shit, you never know where they're gonna go). Despite that fact, I could see the chips falling like this, so it's still a good thought exercise.

2.) No receiver?

No. No receiver. This might deserve another article, but I don't see receiver as a massive need at the moment. We could use a true number one, but we could use some other pieces a lot more.

So why did RM say that?

Can we look at where we're picking for a moment. Who are the BPAs to go in the top 5? 3 quarterbacks, one receiver, and a pass rusher. Consensus has those as the top 5 picks in most drafts I've seen. What did Reggie say we need? A quarterback, receiver, and pass rusher.

Now, this is true. We could use upgrades at those positions. That said, I think he was being smart and starting the pre-draft smoke screen. If teams read that and believe it, they'll legitimately think we'll take whichever one of those 5 players falls to number 5.

Remember last year when the Raiders were putting out word that we were in love with Geno Smith?

It's that kind of thing.

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