My thoughts on the raiders....

Hello everyone,

First off this is my first post.. So I would like to introduce myself. (I am assuming you can guess what my name is)I have been a raider fan for a long time. I take great pride in being a raider fan. Second I am not new to this forum I read it all the time and I love this website. I am new to posting though but now that the season is over I would like to put my 2 cents on the raiders. These are my opinion from the top down on mostly everything concerning the raiders.

lets start off with the Super Bowl tonight. I am very happy that the Seahawks won. Not only did it shut up those niner lovers but also all those donkey lovers too. It keeps us on top with the most superbowls wins in the afc west. And also somewhere tom Brady is crying to his wife not understanding the reasoning on why they could not beat the broncos.

ok now for the raiders. I am going to start from the top down. We will start with....

the owner: overall I feel like Mark Davis is doing the right moves. He is trying to get us a new stadium and best of all he is being patient. One year contracts for everyone does not sound patient but you also don't want them to have another 4-12 season and have no worries for the future. For a lot of these coaches this is do or die year making that one year contract that more powerful.

the gm: I am unsure about him as of right now. He has done some really good moves and some bad moves. Overall this is a very important year to show the organization that he can lead this team in his image and the raiders image.

Head coach: we'll lets just say I hope he learned a lot the last 2 years because he is in trouble if he hasn't. Overall I think he has done ok with what he has. There were a couple games you could tell that he just quit. It was like in his mind he had lost before the game was over. This does not happen to winning teams.

Offensive coach: got tired of seeing the same plays. It's pretty sad when I was watching the raiders game I knew what play they were doing before they even snapped the ball. I'm pretty sure that if I can figure it out paid professionals will have no problem. Minus the stealers who let pryor run 94 yards.

defensive coach: I don't blame the defensive coach as much as I do the players. In my opinion the players just quit on the field. This is only my opinion but when watching the games I just felt here comes a score and sure enough there was. I feel like this is due to a team that had quit and it was easier to quit than play the game.

special teams coach:I don't remember anything to bad, I do remember some good things. Like the cow girls fumble return for td.

those are the coaches for the most part I think keeping them was the right choice. They have gone through hell and back, that can only make you stronger, but this year is the chance to show they are special. From here on out they have to show that they are smart they just didn't have the right tools.

defense: as you might know our defense was horrible at the end of the season. In the Super Bowl we just saw what a strong defense can do to anyone even to the best offense ever. This should proof more than ever why defense is so important. I would even go as far as saying spend everything on defense from free agents to drafts. Make us the strongest defense and we will make it far.

Offense: I don't think our offense is as bad as everyone thinks. I think we have an o line that was very good for mcgloin. I also think that our run game was very decent with Jennings. Our wr were very good. Yeah they are not megatron but I think they are good. I also think a couple of our receivers would be very good with the addition of a very pass heavy team instead of our run first. I think most of our games we managed to stay competitive for the most part. Our qb is the big question. I think pryor is exciting. I watched make plays that we're fantastic. That is why people watched him. Then it went all down hill. The reason because he did the same thing. The same play every time. Why would you do a qb fake hand off to McFadden and then run every play. Or play action fake to his right. That is the reason why. . This could be the oc or pryor but either way when teams started realizing this it became a circus.. Another thing that killed him you could tell by the end of the season he tried not to run so he could show that he could be what the coaches wanted him to be. I think this also hurt him. Mcgloin lost a lot of games but I can't help but feel that the defense put a lot of pressure on him to put points up quick and keep putting up points. I think either way we need to be a run first team and either qb can do that with mcgloin probably being the favorite because of his Ability to throw it accuratly. I think though unless pryor learns how to throw and can prove it quickly. But we also have to remember the coaches might not want there last chance to be on pryor.

overall very excited to see this off season and I think with a strong d acquired through fa and drafts with a run first attitude we will be a force to be reckon with.. And with mcgloin ready to throw the ball deep I will dare any team to line up like we are going to run. And if pryor gets it (and if he becomes a better passer) we can be that much more of a threat with the ability to pass and run an also a rb ready to run.

thanks guys for reading my post hope you enjoy it.

Go raiders

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