Offseason plan a la Jerboat



Let's get to it. Free agency first, then draft.

Free Agency:

I should preface this by saying i think we'll be playing more 3-4 this year, in fact i think our base will be predominately 3-4. Now that the team has the money to sign the proper players for the system, it'll be better suited, even to most of the guys we already have.


Veldheer: Duh

Sims: Certainly earned himself a contract with his play. The fact he can play NT certainly helps

Woodson: Not based on his play, but moreso what he can do as a mentor. I expect his snaps to go waaaaaay down this year.

Jennings: Earned himself a contract. I'm not sold on him playing next year like he did this year but he's solid in just about everything. At worst he's a excellent #2 back.

Walker: Decent player but probably not a starter. What he is though is incredibly versatile. Can't have enough of these guys, especially when you're playing multiple front.

No Houston, i know. I think he'll price himself way about his actual worth and RM will have to draw the line. I really like the guy, just a gut feeling.

To sign:

Defense: Biggest need, we all know it. I'm of the mind that by adding a couple impact players we'd be looking at a top 10 defense. Without having to blitz as much, winning 1 on 1's and having actual depth this defense could be for real.

Arthur Jones: One of the most underrated guys in FA, and still pretty young. He's a champion. Can play DT in 4-3 too which makes him perfect for the hybrid.

Jason Worilds: He's going to cost some serious money, but as far as i'm concerned, he's well worth it. Only 25 he's coming off a 8 sack season and wants to be a starter. We can definitely offer that. Pittsburgh will probably cut Woodley and try to resign him but nobody has more money to spend than us. The defense drastically needs impact players. Worilds is it. He's too fast for tackles to block and too strong for tight ends. Give the man a suitcase of money and put him on the otherside of Sio, RM.

Walter Thurmond III, Terrell Thomas: Two corners who are as good inside as they are on the outside. Would dramatically improve our secondary and give Hayden and whichever CB gets drafted a better opportunity to develop.

Chris Clemons (The FS): Has been sneaky good for a while. Not as big a name as many of the other guys in free agency, but he's fantastic in coverage and would give Woodson the opportunity to play closer to the LOS as a rusher and nickel, where he's better suited at this stage of his career. Suddenly the secondary becomes a position of strength.

Offense: Not as big a need, tho a couple key pieces would really help solidify it.

Josh Freeman: He's not my guy by any means but let's just call a spade a spade, he's going to sign with the Raiders. The good news is if anyone can get something out of him it's Olson, and realistically he's just a stop gap starter. Probably not even for a full season.

Jon Asamoah: Not as good, but he's got more potential than Geoff Schwartz. However, Schwartz is a free agent too and KC are in win now mode. Asamoah will hit free agency. Not only would this signing strengthen the entire offensive line but it'd be a big middle finger to KC in general. Win/Win!

Hakeem Nicks: I'm back and forth on this constantly but i've finally settled on it: just sign the guy. Fact is, before 2013 he was one of the best, most productive receivers in the game and really, the only true #1 receiver out there. No offense to Decker. I'm willing to bet 2013 was just a bad year and he'll bounce back.


Round 1: Teddy Bridgewater, QB Louisville - I'm becoming more and more convinced Texans and Jags are gonna take defensive anchors and take chances on QB's in the second and third round. Browns are taking Manziel. Teddy falls to us. I order his jersey immediately.

Round 2: Stephon Tuitt, DE/DT Notre Dame - As versatile as they come in the draft, I have a feeling he'll fall as teams start grabbing safeties and wide receivers at the end of the first round/beginning of second.

Round 3: Stanley Jean Baptiste, CB Nebraska - My favorite corner in the draft outside of Dennard. Dude can play well in any scheme and has the size and strength to be excellent at press coverage. Every team needs a good, big corner in my humble opinion. He'd be incredibly valuable in the AFC West.

Round 4: Jared Abbrederis, WR Wisconsin - Phenomenal route runner, will be great in the slot. Absolutely torched Bradley Roby.

Round 6: James Morris, ILB Iowa - Check the production over his 4 year career. Absolutely ridiculous. He's versatile and can play some olb too. Would be a steal in the sixth round.

Round 7: George Atkinson III, RB Notre Dame - Bring him home. Reggie! He'd start in special teams and if he shows something maybe draw up a couple plays for him. Kid's got wheels.

Round 7: Kenny Ladler, Safety Vandy - Got better each year and had a pretty good senior season. Big hitter. I was a Ross fan last year but after this past year there needs to be someone else backing up Branch. Ladler has potential.

So there you have it. Let me know your thoughts.

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