Assassin32's Mock Draft 1.0 *updated 2/5/14*

Finally, the offseason is here and we can now start to put our focus onto the NFL draft. This is where bad teams fill needs and build around their foundations. For a team like the Raiders, the draft is a time of hope and positive thinking. I wanted to wait until the Super Bowl ended to put out my mock draft, because I wanted to make sure the draft order was finalized. I will be updating my mock draft once Free agency ends, and I have a better understanding of what each team needs/wants. right now, I will do the first 10 picks, and every day, I will add 5 more. Look forward to it.

1. Houston Texans

Jadaveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

WHAAT!!!???? NO QUARTERBACK??? Just hold on for a bit. Last time I checked Matt Schaub is still under contract, until I hear otherwise, Clowney is the pick here. I know Houston has J.J. Watt but there is no consistency on the other side. Antonio smith is their right defensive end, and is not as big a threat as Watt is. Adding Clowney to their roster will really step up the pass rushing attack and will mask the rest of their spotty defense. there will still be decent quarterbacks in round 2, so I do not believe, that the Texans will be missing a lot at the QB position. Plus, Clowney's abilities are too good to pass up here.

2. St. Louis Rams

Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

This pick just makes sense, with Rodger Saffold entering free agency, and coming off an injury. Not to mention Joseph Barksdale is their Left Tackle. So I believe, that OT is priority one in this case, it is a good thing that the number tackle is here at #2. good job St. Louis. They get a player to help out their quarterback, who may be in his last year to prove his worth.

3. *TRADE* Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Cleveland gets their guy! It has been known for awhile that the Browns have been coveting Johnny football for the past couple months, so it makes sense for the Browns to with Jacksonville in order to get their man. Manziel is a playmaker and can has the potential to do amazing things for an organization in need of a spark. Manziel will help sell tickets in Cleveland, and may get them back on their winning once again. The only problem is, how much baggage is he going to bring?

4. *Trade* Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

By trading with Cleveland, the Jaguars were able to trade down one spot and grab Cleveland's late first round pick as well (I guess the Browns really wanted Manziel). I've been hearing from the Jaguars GM that they want to build around Blaine Gabbert. That makes me laugh, as well as everyone else from the Jaguars Staff. They need a competent QB really bad. so why not go with the opposite of Blaine Gabbert and take Blake Bortles. Bortles has been climbing the draft boards, and for good reason. this kid is super intelligent and makes all the right reads. he is safe with the ball and has good zip. He is nowhere near a bad decision maker like Blaine Gabbert is. UCF also runs a pro style offense and has played some tough opponents including Louisville, where he outplayed Teddy Bridgewater, to win the game win the final seconds. Plus it seems like a match made in heaven, Bortles gets to stay in Florida. I love happy endings!

5. Oakland Raiders

Teddy Bridgewater,QB, Louisville

Here it is Raider Nation! The pick that really matters. Teddy Bridgewater has a legitimate chance of falling to number 5. his stock has fell a little bit based on the rise on Bortles and the weighted cons of Teddy. His lack of competition as well as lacking bulk by being only 196 pounds, is a real problem for a lot of scouts. he may not be able to take hits like Bortles, and that is why I ranked it as such. But Passing by Teddy Bridgewater at 5 would be a sin. the guy is smart, has great accuracy with a decent arm. this pick may change over time, but for now, Teddy belongs to Oakland.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

The Falcons need Offensive Line help... Really bad. they gave up 44 sacks last year and had a right tackle as their left tackle. their depth is horrible at the Tackle spot and no one has shown any ability to play the LT position. Greg Robinson was a beast for Auburn and helped Tre Mason have a career high season. This guy is a force, and will offer much needed help for the Falcons. by drafting Robinson, they would be able to slide Lamar Holmes back to RT. with the combination of Justin Blalock and Robinson, it could shape up to be a very decent line.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

With as many needs as Tampa Bay has, you can go BPA , and still fulfill a need at the same time. Tampa Bay's pass rush was inconsistent at best. with pressure coming only from 2-3 spots, with Linebacker being only one of those spots. The Bucs have Lavonte David, but if the Seahawks and Niners have shown us anything, it is that, the better your linebackers are, the better your defense is. Tampa Bay has no one else besides Lavonte David, so drafting Barr would really take off a lot of pressure from David, and add a speedy pass rusher coming off the edge. Barr is also great in coverage, and does not shy from contact, despite his small frame.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Derek Carr, QB, Fresno St

The Vikings get a QB here. Some of you may think that this may be too high for Carr, btu understand that Derek was considered a first round pick before his bowl game against USC. With his great performance in the senior Bowl, he has once again proven that he is worth a first round selection. Derek Carr is probably one of the better gifted QBs in this class. he as has good decision making, and can make any throw. has a good deep ball, and knows when to put touch on the shorter passes. his accuracy rivals the other top quarterbacks, and he helped lead fresno st. to the number 1 offense in college football. his lack of competition is a downside, but if that doesn't Bridgewater, why should it stop Carr?

9. Buffalo Bills

Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Who is Buffalo's number 1 receiver? Stevie Johnson you say? HAHAHAHAHA. YOU'VE GOTTA BE JOKING?...... you're not?.... oooo, thats a problem. I give Sammy Watkins to Buffalo here. Not only is he a need, he is also the best player available. By drafting Sammy, they would be giving E.J Manuel a weapon to work with, not to mention Sammy is a straight up beast. He has great speed, and does most of his damage with yards after the catch. He can Be a deep threat and has the jumping ability to play taller than he really is. This should be able to put a fire underneath that ice cold passing attack in Buffalo.

10. Detroit Lions

Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

Tell me Detroit, how many sacks came from your Linebacker core last year? 3.5? from one guy? that's not good. though, what is good is that, Khalil Mack is still available. That should get your pass rush going. Mack was a QB sack machine in college. having 10.5 sacks last year and 28.5 sacks in his four year career. His level of competition was not great, but it wasn't bad. still, he dominated every game, and that is worth something. Mack is strong and has great instincts, he isn't as fast as Barr but he makes up for it, by being less raw. Mack has more experience at LB than Barr, and more production, he also has experience playing at the line. this pick is more about BPA than anything else, but, Detroit could use more rush from their linebackers anyway.

11. Tennessee Titans

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

This is a pick I can see the titans making. Evans can be a a potential #1 receiver with his big size and play making ability, he can be the #1 receiver that jake locker needs. Titans have receivers like, Kendall Wright, justin Hunter, and Nate washington, but none of them screams #1 receiver.

12. New York Giants

Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

The giants had a real problem, keeping pressure off of Eli Manning. The line was so bad. Coach tom Coughlin stated that no one besides Justin Pugh played anywhere close to decent. to be honest. the giants have needs everywhere, especially corner. but with two OT off the board already, Giants have no choice to grab Lewan while they still have the chance at a franchise tackle.

13. St. Louis Rams

Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St.

The Rams were having a bad time in the secondary last year, they need both a safety and a Corner, but with guys like Fitzgerald, Harvin, and Crabtree, in their division, they need a CB help. It is a ood thing that the top rated CB is available. Not to mention Cortland Finnegan is due 9 million next year, and he may not want to take a pay cut. here is looking to the future St. Louis!

14. Chicago Bears

Ha'Shean Clinton-Dix, S Alabama

The Chicago Bears are able to fill a need hear, as well as go BPA on Defense. Clinton-Dix is a beast in the secondary. he make great angles, and is a hard hitter. He has a nice for the football, and plays the run exceptionally well. The Bears were having a hard time at the safety position. Chicago gets their guy here

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ra'shede Hageman,DT/DE,Minnesota

The Steelers could go in many directions in this one, they could got WR, or CB, at this pick, but I give them the highest rated Defensive lineman on the board. Hageman has amazing athletic ability and great speed for his size. he can play at defensive end in a 3-4 Defense. which is exactly what the steelers play. both Brett Keisel and Ziggy Hood are free agents and can possibly not be able to retain them. Hageman is this years Dontari Poe, but a lot faster and weighs less. He would give the Steelers a force at the D-line

Look forward to the next five picks tomorrow. please comment if you have an opinion. it helps me a lot

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