My Last Wish List: Free Agency & Draft with Numbers

We have $60 Million to spend and a lot of spots to fill. While its easy to say we go get who we want. It is not the reality. In fact when you think of the number of spots we have to fill $60 Million goes really quick. We might make a few splashes, but we are going to need to capitalize on some undervalued talent as we have this past year. This is What I am thinking.

Free Agency Around $53 Million at my current projection so a little money might need to be reworked to sign draft picks but this is close enough for now. It would be even better if we can get lower. Spending $45M should be the goal in Free Agency so Reggie has some work to do in negotiations. There are some others that might come cheaper and bring talent. With this scenario, none would Have to come in and expect to start and can be groomed, but if they can come in and beat out someone our depth is that much better. Our starters last year were really good to come out and compete the problem was depth and in my opinion this gives us way more in that department and sets us up for future growth and scheme continuity.

Houston- 4-5yr- $7M per
Hardy/ Orakpo 4-5yr- $9M per or (preferred route due to draft) Allen/ Tuck- 2yr- $8M per
Houston- 2yr- $1.5M per
Walker- 2yr- $1.5M per
Sims (Prefer) or Solai- 2Yr- $3M per
V. Davis- 3yr- $3.5M per
Porter- 2yr- $2.M per
Jenkins- 1yr- $1.5M
(Other Considerations: Shields/ Samuel/ DRC)
Woodson- 1Yr- $2.5M
Young- 1Yr- $1M
(Other Considerations: Malcolm Jenkins)

Veldheer: 5yr- $8M per
Incognito: 2yr- $2M per
Barnes: 1yr- 1.5M per (He earned it)
Pashos: 1yr- $1M
(Other Considerations: Asomoah/ Schwartz/ Beatles/ Boothe)
Olewale-1yr- $.8M
Jennings-2yr- $4M
Gerhart- 2Yr- $2M
Sheets: 1yr - $ .8M (Kick the Tires and see)
WR (I Like our stable they just need to be used right and the QB caurosel fixed)
S. Moss- 1Yr- $1.5M (Vet Presence Cheap knows how to get behind a defense)
Freeman 1yr- $1.5M per
Vick 2yr- $2M per ( Don't think he wil come that cheap but thats max I would pay out)

Rd 1:- Trade Back for (1), (2), (4)
Rd. 1- Barr OLB/ DE
Rd. 2- Garropolo- QB
Rd.2- Matthews- WR
Rd 3- Jackson OG
Rd. 4- McCullers DT
Rd. 4- Bailey FS
Rd. 6- Jackson ILB
Rd. 7- Bynum CB
Rd. 7- Whaley DT

Depth Chart: Week 1 Starters

QB:(McGloin/ Freeman/ Pryor) (Shit whoever wins outright in Camp is Starter Cut 1)/ Garrapolo
RB: Jennings/ Gerhart/ Murray/ Sheets
FB: Reese/ Olewale
WR: Holmes/ Streater/ Moore/ Mathews (Draft)/ S.Moss (FA)/ Butler/ (Criner/ Jenkins Out)
OL (Left to Right): Veldheer/ Incognito (FA)/ Wiz/ Jackson (Draft)/ (Watson or McCants)
OL Depth: (Watson or McCants) / Barnes/ Pashos/ Brisel- (Out Bergstrom/ Nix/ Mady)
TE: Ausberry/ Rivera/ Kasa

DE: Houston/ Orakpo/ Barr (Draft)/ Walker / Robinson
DT: Sims/ McCullers/ McGee/ Whaley
LB: Moore/ Roach/ Burnett
LB Depth: Maiava/ Jackson (Draft)/ Burris
FS: Woodson/ Bailey (Draft)
SS: Branch/ Young
CB: Davis/ Hayden/ Porter/ Bynum (Draft)/ Jones/ Jenkins

Need to Cut 2 (Pashos/ Brisel would be bubble Candidates)

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